No one in their right mind would think this was a “burglary”

How come the police never show up the rest of the time for everyone else? Or, they take 45 minutes now.

It’s because the guy wasn’t white.


You point a big gun at him, BPD? A guy who was merely trying to get in his door with someone else? You like pointing guns at people?

It’s not like the two were trying to break a window, or were climbing through one.

Fucking neighbors. Fucking Burbank.

No excuse for this overkill. If we had a real city council there’d be hell to pay, but we’re back with the same kind of credulous nincompoops we had 15 years ago.

They’ll probably cheer the Department for it instead, and then talk about what a wonderfully protective community we have. There’ll be smiles all around tomorrow night.






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4 responses to “No one in their right mind would think this was a “burglary”

  1. Meanwhile, cars speeding everywhere, especially near schools.

  2. Anonymous

    Imagine what BPD response would be if the crime was serious and suspects were black.

  3. Anonymous

    Cars speeding near schools are usually the parents picking up and dropping of their kids.

  4. Anonymous

    Hey common, what did u expect when u hire a bunch of old LAPD brass. U think they weren’t part of LAPD’s racist problem? They r the same bunch of racist black/brown beating cops who now mascaraed as leaders – JOKE. What a croc of shit was sold to council. Get rid of them … new fresh leadership … they have killed moral and made Burbank into an LAPD jurisdiction. Can u say smoke n mirrors? They r all talk. GOOD OLD BOYS CLUB.

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