So why is the Burbank Temporary Aid Center now discriminating against the homeless community?


Someone just told us a few minutes ago that BTAC is now only helping homeless people for two days a week instead of the normal five. And it turns out that this is indeed true.

It’s not that the organization is closed for the rest of the week due to lack of funds or something. That might make sense. No, during the other three days they’re only servicing “housed” clients at their facility. Which as we pointed out a couple of days ago are the only kinds of poor people that the Burbank establishment has ever really been interested in helping — the ones who aren’t that bad off by comparison to the rest of the traditional Burbank population.

Witness the cynically restrictive policies of the Burbank Housing Authority and their longtime application rules, at least before they got caught last fall by HUD.

What this means with BTAC is no more regular showers for people; no regular lunches and packaged food; no regular clothes washing availability; limited services to two days only if there are any open slots; and (apparently) no more mailbox service. As one ex-Burbanker just put it, they might as well close the place.

BTAC always provided superb and quite special services to the people who truly needed them. It was a fantastic organization. But — truth be told — we’ve also thought for years too that BTAC was way too good and morally anachronistic for a town like Burbank. In other words,  we always wondered when the City would eventually crack down on all the beneficence and good will.

So what specifically happened to cause this discriminatory change in services? Too many local complaints about homeless people? Too much resentment about feathering the nests of the lazy and undeserving? Someone came up with a cynical way to cut down on the homeless population by making life much more difficult for them locally? Cut down on all that BTAC charity?

Of course that’s what’s behind this change in policy.

How incredibly retrograde a move this is too. So fuck you, Burbank. You really have become a truly disgusting community. All piety and self-righteous moralizing aside, it’s obvious that you really don’t give a damn about poor people. You’re going out your way to make life harder for them.





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3 responses to “So why is the Burbank Temporary Aid Center now discriminating against the homeless community?

  1. Anonymous

    How low. Don’t they get money from the city?

    • semichorus

      They used to, and still do I think through those council grants.

      And, BTAC just enlarged the place to better service the population! Everyone boasted about how great this was.

  2. Incognito

    For all the funding they have received, we should have less homeless people walking the streets… ridiculous that they offer crumbs to the needy and act like they are doing them a Big favor….Maybe it’s time for a new ED at BTAC.! They have every imaginable donor in town and this past Christmas she closed the Santa Room and dumped it on Coordinating Council who is ALL volunteers and oddly enough they rallied the troops and secured food & toys for ALL the extra families in need. Explain how that happened and why a bunch of paying folks could NOT do their job…. so, so wrong.

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