Again, who was behind BTAC’s chickenshit move to drastically reduce their services to the local homeless population?


Who btw are almost all older single adults.

That’s one reason why we insist on pursuing the issue. This is a huge three-day cut in services to the homeless:


So the Burbank Temporary Aid Center enlarges their quarters last year on Burbank Blvd to “better service” their clients, and then dramatically cuts down on the services. As a result, the local homeless population gets royally screwed.

The New Burbank. Are people proud of this? Do they even care?






May 3, 2018 · 7:31 pm

11 responses to “Again, who was behind BTAC’s chickenshit move to drastically reduce their services to the local homeless population?

  1. Anonymous

    Your right semi this is just mean spirited and probably came from the city. This council says they care so much and they could care less about what happens when the rents go up in Burabnk and won’t do a thing.

    • semichorus

      It’s all a sick joke, really. I mean, do people realize how many years BTAC provided daily services to the TRULY homeless?

      Jesus. What a horrible town this has become. And it’s gonna get worse.

      There is NO excuse for this huge reduction in services but that the only concern in Burbank now is for “families” and younger people. It’s a sad, sick, cynical move here on both BTAC and the city’s part. It was DELIBERATE.

  2. Anonymous

    Really, how many housed people in Burbank need these services. Burbanks not a poor town and I’ll bet the place is empty on those days.

    • semichorus

      Certainly emptier than on the two homeless days.

      But this isn’t about helping the “housed” population, whatever that means. It’s about coming up with a phony excuse to NOT help the homeless as much as they used to.

      And just why is that?

      If these other clients are still housed, they don’t have it that bad. So let’s spend more time on them? And nobody says anything about the reduction. They have celebratory parties for the place. It gets enlarged, celebrated, and then clamps down on its homeless services.

      This horrible, horrible New Burbank.

  3. Anony Miss

    Question: Is it true the Burbank Police approach cars with people sleeping in them and ask them to move on?
    I also heard in North a Hollywood there are “green zones” where people can safely sleep in their cars. Never thought I’d be curious about something like this but, there are so many homeless people that I’d like to understand their situation more. We all need to start thinking of solutions.

    • semichorus

      It better not be true. They have no legal grounds to do so unless the car has been parked for 72 hours. They damn well know this, too.


      The City of Burbank has no law prohibiting people from sleeping in their cars at night. Camping in parks overnight might be illegal under trespassing laws, but NOT sleeping in cars. Not in Burbank.

      Somewhere I have a statement on this from Amy Albano. Dr. Gordon got it for me a few years ago.

      Many California cities have such laws, like LA and Glendale — but they’re on hold pending an appellate case in the courts regarding LA’s latest draconian rules. Some good people sued LA.

  4. Incognito

    BTAC has been dismal in their services for quite some time now, nothing to do with council/city, in as much as I would like to blame them.

    Several staff members had run ins with a few of the clients, they treat the homeless like crap and really have not used a lot of the restricted funds (i.e., hotel/motel vouchers) and many other things. She has been offered donations and rejects them if they are not financial donations.

    That is a real waste of a building and they should be offering tons of services for ALL the years tons of people have supported BTAC… the congregations do a monthly food drive for them, where are all those donations going…!

    • semichorus

      Interesting to know, thank you for this. I can’t believe the city condones these restrictions on service though, especially because the city council grants them yearly funds.

      They obviously need Pedro back. He kept people in line. The vouchers would go to families or parents with children, rarely to single clients, at least that’s what I heard. I forgot what they called it but the single homeless got a weekly food package plus the daily lunches. How in the world do they fit in all the showers and washing now with only two days?

      Distressing that they’d make a big deal about enlarging their building and then cut back services. I can’t believe Rogers condoned this either.

  5. GuideStar

    BTAC too busy handing out awards to Will Rogers instead of serving the homeless. These nonprofits are all the same, they start good and then get taken over and used as political pawns like Golonski with Boys&Girls. Same thing with FamilyServices giving awards to Golonskite Janet Diel who City want to fire from Traffic board for breaking the law. Only in Burbank can you break the law and get an award. LOL! FSA boss gets paid $150,000 salary. Isn’t that a lot for people who suppose to help the poor?

    • Anongmous

      True BTAC got to into Rogers worship to do much for anyone else.

      • semichorus

        They enlarge their premises; promote it to the heavens and the high acclaim of their professional peers; celebrate themselves at big soirees; and then drastically cut their services.

        Makes sense. This is Burbank.

        They do though favor this town’s favorite and most valuable residents: our wonderful families. It’s a good thing, too. Because that’s what Burbank is all about!

        As long as they don’t live too different than the rest of us…

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