Guess who?


This is one of the council’s big picks for replacement member. They like him because he’s full of fresh ideas.



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31 responses to “Guess who?

  1. He should fit right in.

  2. Anonymous

    Who the hell is he?

    • semichorus

      Your next mayor in a year or two.

      • Anonymous

        Who ever it is, I bet not in a million years. Just like you to make a lie sound like anything someone should care about.

        Let me guess: Constatine Anthony? About as much chance of that as David Gordon: not before pigs fly.

      • Anonymous

        Oh, and the next mayor will be Sharon, and after her, Bob. You drooling fuck.

        • semichorus

          Sarcasm alert, a-hole

          Let’s spell it out. It’s a J-O-K-E.

          • Anonymous

            A joke, like all your columns. Funny how Rogers did not need to apologize for his every utterance the way you do. Asshole.

            • semichorus

              You know, when you have a felony conviction in your background you don’t go around lecturing junior high kids about “virtue.” You can redeem yourself in other ways, but you don’t do that. You really shouldn’t do it at all — it’s way too high and mighty if you have any sense of irony and perspective.

              So who does such things?

              Rogers was a sad fellow. There’s a reason why few to none of his old colleagues came out to bid him goodbye. Just management.

              Dan Evans later on had him nailed from the beginning. The fact that his wife used to work with Rogers only cemented it. He was a clown and a jerk. A bumptious, arrogant, meanspirited mediocrity at best. Sorry.

              Btw, I can count on less than one hand how many times I’ve ever had to “apologize” for anything. More like the other way around.

  3. TJ

    That is Constantine and honestly looking at the council a clown is perfect addition to their oh so ignorant mix. Rogers was a complete clown so what better to replace him with than a Constantine clown.

  4. Anonymous

    Happy May a message for a laugh from Constantine Anthony

  5. Dwayne

    No matter how much they try to immortalize Rogers in Burbank history …. he will simply be a forgotten buffoon in no time at all because Rogers contributed nothing to Burbank that will be memorable.

  6. Gus

    LA Black and Brown unity ? Is that like a Frutos thing or what ? Constantine is a fruit loop he sure doesn’t look black or brown to me he looks white with white privilege.

  7. Dottie

    Please explain the significance of the “K” vs. “C” that he uses.

    • semichorus

      I suspect pretentiousness. Because everybody’s special now.

      The same reason why 90 percent of Starbucks customers have to hold up the line for 10 minutes to give their customized instructions to the barista. And then repeat them four times when they make no sense.

  8. Old Grandpa

    Konstantine Anthony is a white faced moron and buffoon.
    His personal views are so very scary.
    If elected to the city council , which would be very bad news.
    He would be like adding grease to the bureaucracy wheel on the
    city council .
    Then, the city council would be like five peas in a pod.
    The average homeowner and renters would be screwed !
    With all the unrealistic causes Konstantine is fighting for?
    Especially bicycles……..
    He would be like having a bad nightmare and waking up with
    a migraine headache !!!!

  9. Anonymous

    The Council will appoint somebody who has no intention of running for the seat later on. That lets Konstanine out.

    All you fucking drooling fools.

    • semichorus

      You don’t remember that Burbank cop who the school board appointed a few years ago under the same terms. He replaced Paul Krekorian.

      Several months later, he decided that he might run in the next upcoming election– and then waited until the literally the very last minute before deciding NOT to file his papers.

      The consequence was that no one else filed paperwork that year because they thought he was going to run. There was never any consideration that he WOULDN’T run based upon his now-forgotten agreement not to. So no one else thought they had a chance to beat this appointed incumbent.

      No one except ONE candidate. Who was elected into office unopposed.

      Political “agreements” mean nothing in Burbank. Whoever is appointed this month WILL run for office next time. And everyone in the local establishment will praise them for being so “willing” to do so. They’ll be urged on to do so!

    • Anonymous

      Didn’t Roberta Grande run unopposed in 2007? How come.

      • semichorus

        Yes, I believe it was her. She cleared the primary unopposed, and automatically took office.

        A really unprecedented event for Burbank politics. And all because the appointed “temporary” fill-in was waffling until the very last minute about whether or not he would file papers. I personally knew a potential candidate who didn’t file papers because he was convinced the incumbent would end up running.

        Even the Leader kept asking the incumbent what the status was. Repeatedly.

        So these agreements not to run mean nothing. This new council appointee will end up running.

  10. Anon 7

    The agreement not to run means nothing because it is not signed in blood and all the person need do is say I changed my mind the city needs me. LMAO

    • semichorus

      What happens is that the council or board membership who was so insistent the appointment not lead to an unfair incumbency then turns around and urges their old appointee to run the next time. Or, figures from the local business establishment.

      And that somehow makes it ok

      Unless the council appoints a 90-year-old, that’s what will happen with this one. The old limiting condition will be conveniently forgotten.

      I couldn’t believe how what’s-his-name in 2007 got away with even debating the idea of staying on the school board. It was like NO ONE remembered the conditions of his appointment!

      And, it led to:

      a) potential board candidates not wanting to apply for a limited term in 2006 to replace Krekorian, and

      b) potential candidates not wanting to run in 2007 because of the possibility that the recent appointee would have the immense advantage of incumbency.

      The result? Only ONE candidate ran for school board in 2007. And won!

  11. Jan

    How many promises have we heard from city hall and how many can you name that have been kept ? The agree not to run is just one more empty promise from an empty city council

    • semichorus

      They’ll run next time. Just watch.

      And — conveniently — no one will remember the condition of the appointment. It’s like this condition is only being used to scare away other potential appointees. That’s what happened in 2006 — the movers and shakers wanted the cop on the school board, not someone who MIGHT turn into a troublemaker…

      Or union lover like Paul Krekorian. Or a Dr. Gordon, back when we still had many of those types in Burbank.

      It’s like with this Whole Foods down at Talaria. It was clearly used to sell that project.

      But what happens if WF suddenly drops out, or turns into a 365? You can bet that NO ONE who is anyone will mention it.

      At best it will be, “Whole Foods? There are no certainties in life.”

      “It was never that important.”

  12. Hateful Harrop for City Council

    Hey “anonymous” Kevin, you seem really upset and angry about the embarrassing picture of the clown you and your local “Democratic” club want on the Council. I know Sharon and Emily are enamored by him but Burbank “stakeholders” are not going to allow them to appoint him.

    They will go with a more reliable mentally-stable developer friendly YES Man like Hastings, Wiggins, Laurell, Reinke. They will sell Burbank to the highest bidder and then retire to San Clemente like your buddy Golonski. Sorry about your friend Will. Maybe you can replace him and spread the same hate you do on the WeLoveBurbank Facebook page?

  13. Anonymous

    LMAO I noticed that Harrop is like a troll that lives under the bridge and huffs and puffs his way into everything. Hope he enjoys his shopping trips to Walmart LMAO

  14. K

    Lookie here and it’s not trick or treat

  15. Noel

    Oh I could not agree more.

    Jess Talamantes
    Bobbert Frutos
    Emily Ludy Gobbles
    Sharon Springboard

    What promises …. you did not take those seriously now did you ? Airport protections ? Did we promise any protections well you know things change folks.

    “I feel your passion” – Bobbert Frutos

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