Yeah. Let’s talk

Because there’s no contradictory or inconsistent behavior here on the part of white people, or anyone else, this is nothing but gratuitous name calling:



How does this even make any sense? Are these apartments for minorities and immigrants?

The quote above came from an NYT op-ed piece this week, and it’s being used here as part of a new pro-development propaganda tactic of trying to tie big development in with some kind of progressive ideal of social justice.

Cynical, yes. Shame on you, progressives, for not encouraging rampant development. Is it because you’re “white”?

And again, what does building around transportation centers — or not building around them — have to do with white privilege? Keep in mind too that Burbank has no intention of making any of these new apartments aside from a couple of “micro-units” here and there anything that resembles “affordable.”

This city council? This Burbank mentality?

You know, in listening to these local boosters you’d never know that Burbank has always had tons of apartments scattered throughout its geography, and a local residential population that well exceeds 50-percent renters. In reality it’s much closer to two-thirds.

Burbank has long done its job in this area. It’s not South Pasadena or Arcadia. So what this is really all about is making $$$$.



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9 responses to “Yeah. Let’s talk

  1. Anonymous

    Excuse me but in the name of redevelopment and the like O have watched one new project after another actually put an end to affordable housing and drive minorities out. You have commented on this many times Semichorus and you are right.

    • semichorus

      Yep. Dr. Gordon used to as well.

      He regularly fought those Burbank Housing schemes where the city would celebrate buying some 11-unit apartment building in a poor part of town, displace the old tenants to as far away as Palmdale, rebuild the place with three or four (or more) fewer units, and then rent what was left over five years later for 50 to 100 percent more money.

      And then have a big party over it (!)

      For real. No exaggeration. That big blue place on Grismer was a great example of this. A real travesty.

      No one else on the council, and I mean NO ONE ELSE, would even blink an eye over this inane state of affairs. Used to happen in the Lake/Providencia area all the time.

  2. Angela

    Building a bunch of apartments near transportation centers is a just plain bad idea. First of all what public transportation ? I mean the bus system sucks and the metro link is hopeless. The high speed rail ? Never going to happen. No one really wants to live next to a train station or a freeway yet what they build is high priced rent ? This whole issue is a new think liberal disaster and it is causing the affordable housing crisis. The new think liberal thing now is you are a racist if you disagree with anything they say, that is absurd.

    • semichorus

      It’s not liberal. It’s just being used as such as a means of making $$$$.

      These are developers and development interests. Hardly liberals. Whatever works.

      Most “liberals” on the other hand are fools. But it’s not because they’re politically liberal. It’s because nowadays they’re shills or stooges or both.

  3. Pat

    Yeah let’s talk about it all starring Constantine. Remember leases are the real enemy.

    • semichorus

      Yeah, that one. Incredibly stupid.

      Leases at a fixed rent (which is what leases are) actually stabilize tenancies. The landlord can’t raise your rent while they are in effect.

      You can also easily break them, too, as a tenant. L/Ls have to minimize their losses if you break a lease, and that’s very easy for them to do in a market with a 1 percent vacancy rate. They can’t stick you with the balance of your lease any more. (And they never really could!)

      The worst that will happen is that you’ll lose your first/last month security deposit. Which they always STEAL anyway.

  4. People who “mean well” are being duped into supporting this garbage.

    • Anonymous

      I know people who mean well but they hook up with the garbage these days, which hardly really means well because they are contributing to human misery. If you mean well open your eyes and wake up.

  5. Linda

    “mean well” ?? stupid is dangerous and the most dangerous people are the ones who mean well but are ignorant.

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