This is why we hate Democrats


Bernie’s totally correct about this, and he could also cite a number of other examples besides “Finland.”

Like what’s so unrealistic about free or cheap tuition, or free or cheap health care?  We used to have it in this country.





This is nothing more or less than FDR country that Sanders is talking about. Even Nixon advocated similar programs.

What’s the point now of being a Dem? Because you hate Trump? Or you feel like you’re morally superior to Republicans, but don’t want to fight too much to show it?

Democrats are useless. Scaredy cats at best. And, they’re gonna keep losing. Hillary made an arrogant and fatal mistake in not choosing Bernie as her V.P. and this country will be suffering for it forever.

By coming in second he certainly earned the right. And people like him.










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5 responses to “This is why we hate Democrats

  1. Al

    Democrats are not useless they are very good at increasing taxes all the time

  2. Anonymous

    You’re right semi if Democrats think they can get by just by hating Trump they’ve got a big surprise coming up.

  3. Anonymous

    They are offering ideas and things. They offer high density overpriced apartments and they claim it is to stop white privilege.

    • semichorus

      It actually helps white privilege, whatever that is.

      These are white people who are laughing all the way to the bank over it. In towns like Burbank, there’s big money in “Social Justice.”

      And that’s all there is. If Burbank really cared about matters of affordability then they’d be wringing lots more concessions out of these developers. And provide rent protections.

      I.e. ….


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