He owns the building


And has for years.

Somebody sent us this from that **WeLoveBurbank** Facebook page:




Best used bookstore left in all the state. Fantastic place. But he’s been threatening to close for years. He finally did. He’ll be OK.

You know who’s happy about this closure? Staff. The City of Burbank has always considered these used bookstores to be huge community eyesores.

They were absolutely livid about the old Book Castle when it was around, and cheered loudly when it closed. **

Blockbuster was considered to be a huge improvement at that site. (Yes, we know. What’s a “Blockbuster”?)


**These same folks also cheered wildly when United Rentals finally took down that old neon Wanamaker Rents sign on Olive. You know, the classic, “Why Buy When You Can Rent” one? We actually heard them publicly refer to it as an “eyesore” to the council one long ago Tuesday night.

For real. “At last,” they said.  To several exclamations of delight.

There’s so much new Burbank in that. We’re surprised someone hasn’t gone after Fred Flinders by now.




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