Uh-huh. It must run in the family 

This is from the official obituary filed with the Valley Funeral Home. It’s online right here.

Will Rogers born June 21,1957 in Neenah, WI. Raised primarily in Bloomington, MN. After graduating from the Goodman School of Drama, he moved to the Los Angeles area in 1979 where he continued dual roles as actor and writer. 

These are his own words from that application he filed for the city clerk vacancy in 2012:

No wonder people in Burbank hate us. Tough shit.

His smug attitude there (or whatever it was) was also pretty odd as well. As we pointed out last spring, it’s something we simply can’t understand. We remember every class we took in college.

A strange duck. That clerk application btw is classic Rogers. It’s so bumptiously overwritten that you’d think he was running for Poet Laureate.

This is from one of the testimonials. Hilarious.

Friday morning on my way off to work, I felt him riding above the sky, the same way the flight path from the Air Port…
Maybe the Airport finally hired him. They might as well have.



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7 responses to “Uh-huh. It must run in the family 

  1. Anonymous

    I saw that memorial page. Any pictures of him in jail?

  2. Anonymous

    What direction did they see him flying, Up or down?

    • Paige

      Oh I am sure he was shooting by hyper speed into the deep and dark under world, you know the place that gets very, very hot even in the winter. That place where people rot in eternity.

  3. Anonymous

    Oh please !

    Rogers will be forgotten in a few weeks because he hardly made any impact on anyone and he made no impact in a positive sense to be remembered in history.

  4. Anonymous

    If he didn’t graduate then why do they say he graduated. Boy his friends and family sure know him well.

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