That damned Ghost Bike has gotten more attention from the media than Rogers


We saw the notice on Facebook, which we normally never look at. Somebody sent us an image file of the announcement, apparently from the city’s official FB page.

But how come the local news media failed to publicize the service for Rogers up at the Castaway?



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21 responses to “That damned Ghost Bike has gotten more attention from the media than Rogers

  1. Victim

    People mourning the loss of a man whose ex-wife claimed to be a victim of domestic violence from him. What a town.

    • semichorus

      We’re talking about the bike rider there of course, not Rogers.

      Did you read about the Rogers memorial? (MyBurbank just posted a piece about it.)

      Talk about misplaced as well. “More laughter than tears.” And lots of joking about his mostly toxic column in the paper from years ago.

      The one where he rarely backed anyone on anything. So much for advancing the public good.

      Funny, funny guy.

      • Victim

        I only saw the MyBurbank headline. Personally, I think the Ghost Bike shit is more troublesome since people are using a wifebeater as a martyr for their cause.

        • semichorus

          Are these just allegations?

          (Update p.s. — got the video)

          • Anonymous

            In regards to the video, the woman openly bragged about getting him fired from his job with the city’s parks department.

            • I’m calling BS on this story. I was there. No woman was bragging about this stuff.

              • Anonymous

                Not talking about this event. Talking about past history and a video I privately sent semichorus. Call your B.S. all you want, but Lenny Trinh was a wifebeater.

                • I still call BS. You just sound bitter – like he did something to you. Pics or it didn’t happen.

                  • Victim

                    You want pics of domestic violence that happened years ago? What are you trolling now? Either way he did nothing to me, I just find it disgusting (knowing his past) that people are mourning a man who abused his ex-wife.

                    I will say this, it isn’t hard to look up his name and the word “divorce” on Burbank then look up his ex-wife’s name and search that with the word “Burbank” on YouTube. Go do some research.

                  • semichorus

                    All of this would figure, being Burbank.

                  • Victim

                    *I will say this, it isn’t hard to look up his name and the word “divorce” on Burbank”

                    Correction meant Google instead of Burbank.

  2. Mike

    Watching the council mtg on tv and Mr konstantine gave a big applause line to the stupid ghost bike.

    • Keith

      Of course he did Constantine is missing almost all of his marbles oh and if he keeps wearing that suit he really should wash it.

      • Anonymous

        He’s hoping to be on the council. He’s salivating for it. He, and Springer can turn Burbank into bike city for the eleven bikers. Who cares about all the people in automobiles trying to get to their destination in a timely safe manner? There must be thousands of automobiles for every bike and we’re catering to them too much!

    • Anonymous

      Why don’t they paint the bike he was hit in.

  3. Anonymous

    Springer says she is willing to consider everything with that thing she calls a mind already made up.

  4. Old Grandpa

    If Constatine slides into the City Council seat?
    Springer and he will push for more dedicated
    bicycle lanes on the major roads in Burbank!
    It will be on their consciences when you see more ghost bikes hear and there in Burbank???
    Their allowing public suicide by bicycle!
    Also, maybe Springer will step up and pop at the thrift store for a new slightly worn
    colorfull blazer for Constatine???
    The suit he wears all the time , he probably
    Takes it off after every C.C. Meeting and leans
    It up against the wall because it’s so stiff
    From over use and exposure!!!

    • semichorus

      The city could get a mobile ghost bike to truck around from site to site. But then of course they’d have to make sure that IT doesn’t get hit by a car.

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