So it IS a creepy cult


These bike fetishists need to get a life. And the significance of this whatever-it-is eludes us:


A white “ghost bike” was placed near the spot where Lenny Trinh, 52, was killed when he was riding his bike early Monday evening. Trinh worked as a letter carrier for the U.S. Postal Service, and a light blue work shirt was placed over the bike.


That’s even creepier. Doesn’t it also clash with the significance of the imagery, whatever it’s supposed to connote?


Mike Hollis, chairman of the nonprofit Walk Bike Burbank, said the ghost bike was donated by a local cycling advocate and was painted white for the memorial.

“They are a visible reminder of a person who lost their life while riding,” Hollis said.

He said it’s unknown how long the bike will be kept at the site. It’s typically up to individual cities whether to remove such memorials, but he hopes it will remain as long as possible.


They should get rid of it right away as trash and a public nuisance. People actually think this thing is beautiful? Apparently they put these up all over the place whenever there’s been a fatal bike accident.

Better stock up, Burbank. Safe Streets!





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6 responses to “So it IS a creepy cult

  1. Anipnymous

    It is an eyesore and the city should do their job and send it to the trash as fast as possible

    • semichorus

      Yeah. Exactly who thinks it’s touching?

      It’s ghoulish, as is this need for many people nowadays (strangers!) to feast on tragedies.

      Like when some teenager gets killed in a car accident somewhere and then suddenly from all over the place hundreds and hundreds of people gather together to weep and moan and rend their garments.

      It has nothing to do with “caring.”

  2. Eileen


    I believe you are correct ” It has nothing to do about caring”

    Caring is an endangered species today because people do things for show with only one concern and that is making themselves look good and for personal gain.

  3. Victim

    Dude was said to be an abuser who beat his spouse that led to his divorce according to his wife. Funny how this town is quick to mourn people they don’t know. Shows how fake everyone in Burbank is.

  4. Anonymous

    Would figure the burbank yahoos all turn out in force for a bike accident.

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