Wit and self-awareness was not this guy’s strong suit, was it?


Yes, we promised not to do what he once did in taking the easy route afterwards. But this recent video made for local teenagers has to be seen to be believed.



For someone who made it a professional practice to go after other people for their (in his view) overweening sense of public morality and unctuous posturing about proper behavior, this is pretty ridiculousness. And we’re not even getting into his own slickster behavior over the years.

Yes, bumptious Will Rogers lecturing us about virtue itself. Burbank’s favorite mensch.






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11 responses to “Wit and self-awareness was not this guy’s strong suit, was it?

  1. Marie.

    The guy has NO WIT but a whole lot of malice and contempt for everyone.

  2. Mike

    Who will fill Mayor Rogers shoes ? Maybe Mz Springer ?

  3. Anonymous

    My god, the body is not cold.

    • semichorus

      My god, everybody’s being insultingly platitudinous about the guy. Since when did he become Burbank’s own Angel on Earth?

      If people are so insisting on doing that, I’m going to say, “What?”

    • Donald

      Some of us remember Ted McConkey.
      Rather than encouraging more Public participation, Rogers actually worked at discouraging the Public from expressing themselves.
      When will the other Council Members be willing to admit that they were bullied for the last 11 1/2 months?

  4. Jay

    The antithesis of virtue lecturing kids on virtue ? No wonder kids are so messed up these days.

    • semichorus

      You know, I can actually say quite a few good things about Rogers. But they wouldn’t be any of these current adjectives going around.

      Like who the hell are they talking about? They do a disservice to the guy. I think he was more interesting than that.

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