Well that’s too bad


He was always a worthy foil. Never a foe. And very brave.






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20 responses to “Well that’s too bad

  1. Anonymous

    Rogers was elected to the Council in 2015 and according to a city release, “Mayor Rogers will be remembered for his quick wit, unrelenting honesty, positive attitude, unpretentious demeanor and unyielding love for the City of Burbank. As Mayor, his highest priority was transparency and sharing information with the public. He was always willing to listen even if he disagreed.”

    • semichorus

      Unpretentious demeanor?

      I didn’t know the city was still holding those old fiction writing classes over at McCambridge.

      • Anonymous

        So much for any truth to be found in city press releases. Wonder if self inflated Rogers wrote that one about himself.

    • semichorus

      Ah yes. This tests the “honesty” part.

      I believe he cut from this one the salacious (and ridiculously untrue) personal stuff. The stories that sounded like they came out of a bad Barbara Stanwyck movie.

  2. Anonymous

    IN MEMORIAM a stain on Burbank history:

    and Luddy we are still waiting for the action you promised while you and Rogers were sitting texting each other or whatever it was that you were doing while you both thought the camera was not on you. as for Mr Spell watch what and who you applaud.

  3. Anonymous

    Remembering Rogers and the politics of insults and division he brought to Burbank

  4. Anonymous

    Remembering the real Rogers, the straw man.

  5. Beth

    I am sorry but Rogers was a mean and intolerant man, that is not speaking ill of the dead it is the truth

    • semichorus

      I could do what he did after McConkey left us and immediately write up an 800 word piece about what I thought was wrong with the guy — although in my case I’d try to leave out the half-truths and innuendo and gross generalizations and straw-man examples. I’d also dispense with the deliberate omission of exculpatory evidence.

      I’ll put it this way about him: He’s a guy who took himself way too seriously. And in that the rest of it lies.

  6. Ben

    Is this the quick wit that the city is talking about ?

  7. Gary

    Those who are only into their self interest will hail how great Rogers was as Mayor while for the rest of Burbank at this moment life will go on and they will say Rogers who ? The truth is that is how much good and impact he had on the life of Burbank. I guess we could say only the good die young except for the fact that Rogers was 60 and not even young.

  8. Betty

    Mr Rogers will be remembered ? I am already forgetting who was he exactly ?

  9. chad

    Remember what our mom’s used to tell us…..

  10. chad

    Oh I was talking to posters not Semi. I was remembering the bizarre “Gotcha” videos the Mayor showed at CC meetings to discredit Gordon. Wow. That was installation art.

  11. Anonymous

    What ever came of the 50k investigation.

  12. Al

    The 50,000 appears to have been buried by Rogers and his lil cohorts on the council. Maybe Rogers has proven you can take it with you.

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