Hold on. Barbara Bush WAS a racist



That talk of hers about how things were kind of working out well for them at Katrina pretty much establishes this fact.

And that she was an over-privileged, over-entitled rich woman who never worked a day in her life in a real job only compounded the problem with her bad behavior. Everybody in those old Republican circles knew what a total bitch she was.

In terms of real -world experience, Barbara Bush made Nancy Reagan look like that Hazel Burke character in the old TV show.



It wasn’t even on campus. The professor’s been on sabbatical since January. And the last we heard, the First Amendment doesn’t have a “But you also have to respect them” clause.

But they’ll get her. Of course they will. You know how?

Someone’s gonna dig up some phony “plagiarism” allegation from 30 or 40 years ago. The university will then of course express their complete horror over how anything like this could have possibly happened

Or, “unprofessional conduct.” They love that one, even though it abrogates the whole idea of free speech rights. Speaking your opinion is perfectly Ok as long as it’s professional.

Why’s she even being suddenly “investigated” right now anyway? They say it’s a confidential “personnel matter.”

She’s clearly being investigated for her speech. Welcome to America.













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2 responses to “Hold on. Barbara Bush WAS a racist

  1. Citizen Cane

    This biatch is a public employee. Employed by a tax payer funded university. If a cop, not on duty, used a social media platform to denounce a liberal subculture, he would be fired. Both the professor and the cop are public employees with salaries paid for by tax paying citizens.

    • semichorus

      Cops do that all the time. It’s when they advocate direct action against people that they get into trouble. She’s a tenured professor, and so if being a tenured professor means anything she should be left alone.

      I love all these people who say things like, “I believe in free speech, but …”

      There are no “buts.” You wither believe in it or you don’t.

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