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  1. Ed

    Watched the council this morning sheesh so now if you oppose anything they want to do according to Luddies and the angry crazy man you are a racist ? What will these hopeless fools come up with next to get their way on things ???

    • Anonymous

      Oh yea saw that. Oppose a mansion and you must be racist. City hall groupies are really that out of touch with reality.

  2. chad

    That was pretty desperate but it worked.

  3. Kathy

    I had to go watch the meeting to see what you’re talking about and it really looked like the new tactic of our council and their employees is to claim racism if anyone dares to disagree with them. I think it should be flipped. Armenians come into a happy neighborhood and build an oversized home that destroys the look and feel of the entire neighborhood because they are racist against others. So appeal projects and claim that Armenians are racist by building this oversized thing and destroying the peaceful enjoyment of their non Armenian neighbors. Two can play that game.

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