Everybody’s wrong on this one

Welcome to your “21st-century” Burbank. The land of beer bars, sleazy moms with tattoos, gun shops, and future roller derby rinks.

Like who in their right mind would ride a contraption like this on a frigging’ bridge for chrissakes, let alone haul around a 2-year-old in it?

No Burbank, you don’t want bikes on the streets. Especially the wacky ones, which are bound to increase in number if this “mobility” craze continues.



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11 responses to “Everybody’s wrong on this one

  1. Anon

    Contraption? Gawd you’re an old fart. Off to the early bird special at Lancers.

  2. DixieFlyer

    Check out the CARDBOARD BOX on the front of the bike.

    BPD should have cited the BICYCLIST for endangering the CHILD.

  3. Anonymous

    Who ? Some nut case like Sharon Springer, that’s who !

    • Anonymous

      Burbank makes choices that cater to family unity and events. That is all well and good but, don’t endanger children! Bunch of creeps allowing all of this to keep going. Supposedly intelligent people making decisions that permit people to take chances with their children’s lives.

  4. Citizen Cane

    What do you want the cops to do? The car did not hit you. It passes you slowly in a tight lane. And why are you endangering your kid riding over the overpass like that.

  5. Old Grandpa

    Bicycles are fine on side streets.
    But on major Streets like Burbank
    & Magnolia Blvd. Especially Burbank
    Blvd. at the I-5 overpass freeway
    On ramp ! I think it’s almost suicide! Pe
    People are driving fast , merging right to
    get onto the freeway ? Or , merging right t
    to Costco! The last thing their thinking a
    about Is some politically correct bicyclist
    with a death wish ????

  6. Anonymous

    Isn’t there some group called Burbank Moms who ride their bicycles with their children in tow? I believe the group is headed by that woman who promotes Magnolia Park. Keep your children off the streets! Get a grip! Human judgement never ceases to amaze me.

  7. Eileen

    Cardboard box on a bike in traffic good so long as they make sure the street is a no bully zone. Modern liberals really have no brains but instead of admitting they are just very stupid people today they prefer to call themselves progressives. Progressive they are not, they are just stupid. Springer is a great example of stupid calling itself progressive.

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