Too much


Interesting idea, obvious but needed. But it’s too expensive.

Local artists, illustrators and animators who are tired of working at a coffee shop or at home can now visit a specialized workplace made for people who work in one of those fields.

The Creative Talent Network, a Burbank-based entertainment group that puts those in the animation community together, recently opened its new Creator Space, a pay-to-use shared workspace that is similar to WeWork or My Other Office but is focused on those who work in the animation, visual effects and video game industries…

The Creative Talent Network offers two tiers for using the space — a basic plan and a digital plan. Artists can choose to pay $15 per day for the basic plan, which includes access to high-speed internet and the use of a desk. The digital plan is an additional $5 per day, which allows users to have access to the illustration tablets and software.

How about a subscription plan for $99 to $149 a month, or more for tiered access at busy times? That’d be more like it. Sell decent coffee too for cheap. But anything to get these guys out of Starbucks or Coffee Bean.

Now if only they could lure away that constantly present post-grad social media/phone call/job application/screenplay writing/online shopping all-at-the-same-time crowd.

In New York it’s mostly women who oddly get in the way, and they have a big need to always be living away from home at these joints. They’ll stay all day if there’s free wifi.

It’s because of roommate quantity problems and such, and it’ll be happening here soon as well. Nobody can afford a $2200 a month apartment alone. And who’d want to anyway in Burbank of all places? Get ready.

Look. Some things never change in this field.




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