So much for walking around that New Burbank


Between cars and pedestrians they’ll always take cars. Look what’s winning out.

From last night’s Planning Board meeting:


City staff is seeking Planning Board approval to change the Site Plan for the Talaria Project in order to modify Condition of Approval No. 26 in order to remove four off-site pedestrian curb extensions in the public right-of-way. The Planning Board’s consideration to approve a minor amendment to the Project Site Plan is permitted pursuant to Article 5 of the Development Agreement for the Talaria Project. While several curb extensions are proposed to be removed, it staffs assessment that the overall intent of the Development Agreement to provide improved pedestrian circulation around the site is still met.



As part of the City’s engineering design review of the Project Site Plan, the developer and the City conferred on the design and construction of the off-site amenities to be constructed in public right of way. In particular, Condition of Approval No. 26 to the Development Agreement is a multi-part condition that requires the developer to construct several pedestrian amenities that encourage pedestrian travel to, from, and around the Project site. These amenities, described in prior Table 1, include the construction of several sidewalk curb extensions at intersections near the Project site that reduce the pedestrian crossing distance across major streets.

Here’s the fun part. Ooops!

Upon review of the engineering design of these curb extensions, the Public Works Department and the Community Development Department both concur that construction of these curb extensions would either impede vehicular circulation into and out of the Project site, could actually reduce pedestrian safety, or would incur an unwarranted maintenance liability on the City by impeding storm water drainage along the street curb.


The interference with cars problem sounds like the more likely culprit. Pedestrian “safety” just sounds like an excuse.

Cars will never be supplanted in any way by 21st-century pedestrians and bikes. Any suggestion to the contrary is just project hype, and the above action proves it. Just saying.



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5 responses to “So much for walking around that New Burbank

  1. Anonymous

    Planning dart board see what sticks this week to help poor planning.

  2. Matilda

    What about informing the neighborhood? Changes? Increasing the length of the crosswalk is exactly the reason Planning came up with bump-outs to provide ped safety….don’t get their logic at all???

    • semichorus

      The cars get in the way.

      It’s just what I said. All this talk about the new Burbank being a “21st-century!” city full of walkers and bikers near “Transit Centers!” is total b.s. That imagery is just being used as a selling point for big new mega-projects. The ones that “heart” Burbank.

      This still has to go in front of the council for final approval. I wonder how much $$ the Cusumanos are saving on this “amendment” to the original plan.

      Anyone ask?

  3. Matilda

    I wonder why we have so many incompetent planners? Guess they work off theory not reality. Brains seem to be in short supply. Yeah, it will shave off a bit $$. Cars u betcha it’s going to be a fiasco with all the traffic. Don’t they have to notify the neighborhood of the possible changes and the CC meeting?? It’s a shame no-one at city hall wants responsible growth.

  4. DixieFlyer

    These days the staff is in charge.

    Council says 500 sq ft.–staff says 800 sq ft. for accessory buildings.

    Be alert for more “staff approved” changes.

    Maybe, just maybe, in a few weeks we’ll be able to bring back 5 minutes for the Public to address the elected officials.

    Possibly, we’ll even be able to restore Last Orals so Rogers won’t be able
    to smart mouth the Public, without rebuttal?

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