Commercial buildings as well?


Or, all the R-2 to R-5 property owners? Meaning commercial landlords?

From tomorrow night’s council agenda…


The Community Development Department (CDD) is happy to announce the launch of the Burbank Property Portal, a website that allows the public to remotely access property information from their home computer or mobile device. In the past, customers had to come to the Community Services Building or submit a public records request to obtain permit records for an address. Now, they can obtain building permit, zoning and Los Angeles County Assessor information from the City’s website.

Staff receives 80 to 100 requests each month for building permit records from homeowners, prospective buyers, lenders and realtors. The Property Portal improves efficiencies by allowing customers to search for that information at their own convenience. Currently, the Property Portal has permit records from 2006 to the present, and staff expects to add older, archived permits in the near future. In the meantime, archived records can still be obtained from the Building Permit counter or through a public records request.

With the goals of making permit information more readily available and minimizing the time and effort that ordinarily goes into a search for property information, the Property Portal is one of many steps CDD is taking toward increasing transparency, online access and customer service.


The County used to make you go to Norwalk for everything. But nothing makes the City do the same. Are they inputting all of Burbank’s commercial properties as well?

We have a sneaky feeling that no one’s gonna make it easy to find out how much the Cusumanos are paying in exchange for all that rent. Or landlords who are much worse.





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  1. Marie

    Burbank is being sold off one piece at a time by this council and the city is going bust. So where is all this money going ????

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