A new low. “Liberals” are now defending a predatory mega-corporation


This is why Democrats lose.



Democrats in general have no consistent point of view about who and where the problems are. Amazon has never collected or paid a fair share of use taxes, and Trump’s totally correct as well about excessive Post Office resources being used in service to it.

So why defend this company, or condemn criticism? And those two issues are the least of its problems.

At many residential locations Amazon gets up to three deliveries a day. The other paying customers of the U.S.P.O. (meaning everyone else that we’ve heard of) are lucky if they get one. Routes in NYC are getting skipped all the time, while Postal trucks filled with Amazon-only merchandise are seen everywhere.

Many of these are the same people btw who were absolutely condemning the UC system last week for not admitting that Florida kid because of how special he was, not realizing that its admissions decisions were made back in December and January well before the Parkland shooting. Now Dems are again going after each other to prove who’s most righteous about old or unproven sexual allegations.

Nobody thinks any more, do they? Blame cellphones for it?

Or just ego and arrogance?











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2 responses to “A new low. “Liberals” are now defending a predatory mega-corporation

  1. Jenn

    Well most democrats today would be disavowed by the great Democrats of the past. These Democrats today are not Democrats at all they are socialists.

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