A BUSD-worthy policy for sure

Hopefully this will catch on.

Several universities in northeast China’s Jilin Province have introduced phone-free classes to improve academic results. When students enter the classroom, their smart phones must be placed into a bag and hung on the wall, reports Xinhua.

“We are given a bag with a student ID to hold our cell phones,” said Jia Qi, a freshman at Jilin Huaqiao University of Foreign Languages. “One student is appointed to supervise students to hand in cell phones in every class.”

“The move can help reduce students’ reliance on smart phones and enhance interaction between students and teachers,” said Ran Xiangyun, an associate professor at the university. According to a report released by the China Internet Network Information Center, about 753 million Chinese used mobile phones to surf the internet in 2017, with people aged 20 to 29 accounting for as much as 30% of the total online population.

And then throw the bag in the river.




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4 responses to “A BUSD-worthy policy for sure

  1. anonymous

    Kids grow up today with the internet yet our brilliant school officials who are internet ignorant think they need to teach the kids to use the internet. They are so out in left field it is like thinking you need to teach kids to play.

  2. Jeff

    Can we just call the school board the hall of stupidity now ?

  3. Ellen

    I did get a postcard in the mail but it made no sense to me at all. If you are going to spend money to mail something why not try to make it explain something clearly

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