“Sorry,” but this is inappropriate


Don’t drag the kids into this with the school board.


It’s too bitchy a message for those hallways. There’s nothing new about this stunt either. The BTA did this same lunchtime thing back in the mid-70s when they had real issues to complain about.

They shouldn’t be keeping their rooms open during lunch anyway. And how many do?

Not a whole lot.




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One response to ““Sorry,” but this is inappropriate

  1. Kids can make up missed homework and tests and get help at lunch so it’s a big deal. Clubs meet in classrooms at lunch too. After having two kids go through BUSD I am over these teachers. I have plenty of stories (from this year alone) but I am afraid my kid will suffer fallout if I share them. Kids are getting shafted and this lunchtime garbage is pretty sedate compared to what’s really going on here. I’m happy to say I know of at least one teacher who isn’t taking part in this insanity.

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