The Glory Days. The BUSD once refused to assign the “valedictorian” label to its stronger students

And what years those were. The high school kids back then were smarter, better educated, better informed, read more, acted more like adults, and didn’t need to grade-grub or compete with each other in order to feel good about themselves. There was no such thing as a valedictorian or absurd “co” anything in the Burbank schools. It was a great effort on their part to get away from the phony elitism.

Compare that to now — and Burbank’s not even as bad in this department as other local districts. The shamelessness we’ve seen coming out of Orange County for instance is almost awe inspiring in its offensiveness. Down there they have regular “recognition assemblies” whose main purpose is to intimidate and pit the kids against each other in order to get their test scores and (already) inflated GPAs up.

“Everybody cheer! You can do better next year, Esperanza!”

For real.

Schools obviously need to play down the phony score-keeping and misguided Junior Achievement/Linked In tendencies that these kids have adopted from the outside world. Just like they used to. This current value system is completely fucked up.


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