Again. Exactly where did this woman “attack” this kid or “ridicule” his GPA?


Nowhere. The pious ones are making it up.





Hogg wrote on Twitter that an apology just to mollify advertisers was insufficient. He said he would accept it only if Ingraham denounced the way Fox News treated him and his friends.

“It’s time to love thy neighbor, not mudsling at children,” Hogg tweeted. 


We weren’t aware that Love thy Neighbor was based on conditions, nor that he’s a child. This kid’s getting terrifically bad guidance from the adults in his life. Especially his new TV friends.



We weren’t



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3 responses to “Again. Exactly where did this woman “attack” this kid or “ridicule” his GPA?

  1. chad

    I don’t know Semi. Ingraham was the one who initially and disingenuously invoked Christianity with the Holy Week reference. If I’m not mistaken, I think Hogg rather smartly picked up on it and made the “love thy neighbor” reference perhaps with a bit of irony as we all know people of Ingraham’s ilk wrap themselves in the flag bathed in Jesus’ blood purely for economic gain. Hogg is is in a tough position as he and his fellow seniors are 17/18 years old but he’s also speaking for/about people a lot younger than him. So the boundary between kid and adult is a little vague here but I’m not sure that’s Hogg’s making. I think Ingraham’s pointed use of the word “whine” is where she lost a lot of respect. Overall, I’m actually impressed with the way the high schools students have managed themselves and their movement. Six weeks ago they were getting ready to graduate and making plans for the prom and summer. I think you have to give them their due on that score.

    • Nancy

      Face it this guy is already 18 and that makes him an adult. This is funny …when it is to my convenience i’m a kid but when i want something i’m only 18 but i’m an adult. I am tired of the game playing, you can not be a kid at convenience and an adult all at the same time.

  2. chad

    Well, in fact, legally that is his status. He can vote but he can’t buy weed or alcohol. He’s an adult but not an adult.

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