Something else. Trump’s 100 percent correct about Amazon, too

Having recently known of an apartment building in Manhattan that gets only four regular mail deliveries a week but up to three a day (or more) for Amazon customers only, we find it hilarious to be hearing “liberal” pundits and “Democrats” today attacking Trump for having the temerity to attack non-union Amazon.

How bad is hegemonical Amazon and its interests?

Trump might have heard. Special USPS vans will pile into Manhattan in the early mornings making Amazon-only deliveries to those practically millions of office buildings. Half a dozen guys will suddenly jump out into Midtown traffic and start tossing hundreds of boxes onto the sidewalks for instant sorting. The amount of material they deal with is unbelievable. Who knew so many employees get their private stuff at work.

These USPS trucks pack the business districts in the mornings and afternoons, but smaller vans make daily residential “Amazon Fresh” deliveries in the early evening, often returning as late as 10 p.m with more goodies. That doesn’t count the Amazon-only trips they made a few hours earlier, or the special Sunday visits.

Something’s gotta give, and it does. Regular mail delivery in NYC suffers because of Amazon.

Brick and mortar concerns? Trump’s right about those as well, and so to hear Democrats siding with this mega-corporation against the guy only proves how hopeless it all is.

What are they thinking? Or are they? Most Dems have been phonies and frauds for 40 years and look where it got us.



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5 responses to “Something else. Trump’s 100 percent correct about Amazon, too

  1. chad

    A broken clock is right twice a day. I despise Amazon.

  2. DixieFlyer

    Oh, chad.

    Who had the temerity to refer to you as a broken clock?

    Bite ’em for me, too.

  3. chad

    Hey Dix, long ago you accused me of being a troll…..hmmmmm.

  4. Alva

    Chad you need to open your eyes and your mind my dear

  5. chad

    Thanks Alva.

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