Frutos is publicly flacking for a local developer by handing out their pins


When did this development motto become an official Burbank thing?


The Grand Opening celebration brought in families and members of the community, including Councilman Bob Frutos who presented the Miliken’s with a certificate from the City of Burbank as well as an I heart Burbank pin which he pulled right off his lapel.

Say what?

A cliche that’s never before been associated with Burbank btw, but is emblematic of an outside development company that’s trying to push a huge new apartment project downtown. And that will soon be up for review.

It’s their frigging PR motto !

Disqualify Frutos from any and all deliberations on this upcoming project. These Burbank guys aren’t too bright or sensitive now, are they?

Where the hell did he get these things, and why’s he carrying them around? There’s no coincidence here. With this printed on them now, those are promotional pins for a controversial 1100 unit apartment building.




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29 responses to “Frutos is publicly flacking for a local developer by handing out their pins

  1. Anonymous

    Guess we all know Frutloops is a yes vote, bought and paid for. Wonder how much he got for his support.

  2. chad

    So the people being interviewed saying what Burbank needs weren’t prompted to say these things at all right? I mean it’s a documentary so it must true, right?!?!

  3. Anonymous

    Wonder how many of the opinons were paid for. It would not surprise me to find out that supporters and opinion makers are being paid.

    • semichorus

      I’m curious when I Heart Burbank became an official Burbank slogan. As far as I know it never has.

      This was really shameless and stupid on his part. It’s the slogan of a big outside development company whose project is about ready to come in front of them.


    Fruitloops is an unprincipled establishment hack and a RINO. Based on watching him over the years on the council, he’s more concerned with being liked than doing the right thing. To take it a step further, I don’t think he possesses the intellectual capacity to know what doing the right thing even is.

    • Jay

      Frutos is selling Burbank out. He not only votes for projects that congest Burbank they destroy the character. I don’t see Beverly Hills building all these big housing units. Why not !!!

      • semichorus

        Or towns like South Pasadena or Monrovia. Even Alhambra. And they have housing deficits as well. Bigger ones than Burbank.

        Which proves that none of this super development is mandated or necessary. It’s just an excuse.

    • Roger

      Rino ? Frutos is more like an escapee from the serpent house at the zoo. He is a liar and a fake.

  5. chad

    RP. Any Republican that takes a pension and uses medicare is already a hypocrite.

  6. Jessica R.

    We have Frutos in Burbank. What is he doing ? It appears he is out promoting developers and big growth in Burbank. Meanwhile in Los Alamitos the people have a council and council members who understand that their job is to protect and promote their city. They take an oath to the Constitution and not to promote developers. Here is a video of Los Alamitos City Council taking their oath seriously. The state of California wants to dictate to our cities while they themselves chose to disobey the Constitution and Federal Law. Mr Frutos and his cohorts need to take their oath seriously

  7. Eileen

    Watched that video so this lady left Culver City and came to Burbank because Culver City was just too congested ? What the hell does anybody think a big project like this with a big load of apartments. Get a clue the people won’t stay in their apartments or ride bikes. people who support this want to make Burbank congested like Culver City. Bad Bad Bad

    • semichorus

      If and when these “transit center close” projects go through, Burbank’s going to make Culver City look like South Pasadena.

  8. Anonymous

    Can someone bring this lady to Burbank City Council to give it to Frotos please

  9. DixieFlyer

    Time for Checking Your Sources!!!

    Do your homework and find the REAL source of the lapel pin.

    Jumping Bob Frutos may be fun for some, BUT verify before you Testify.

    How many of the current City Council are drawing Public Funds???

    Check-it-out. Then let us all know. That would be FAIR.

    • semichorus

      It’s still the official slogan for that development project soon to be in front of them. Which means he’s still flacking for it.

      • Frank

        He’s been wearing these for years. The ones he wears were created by the civic pride committee. Those have the” heart” as an icon (a red heart.) The developer’s logo has “Heart” spelled out as a word. The Frutos/civic pride pin is drafting off the famous I Heart NY campaign – as so many cities have.
        Hmph, now that the civic pride committee has been axed I guess there won’t be any more pins. And I agree, most of the people in the video seem to have been led or coaxed.

  10. chad

    Dix, as a Republican yourself, don’t you think the VA is too much gov’mnt?

    • semichorus


      • DixieFlyer

        While not perfect, the Veteran’s Administration provides medical care for Service Related matters.

        After years of Ross-Loos coverage, they indicated that they would NOT cover certain conditions where they could observe that scar tissue evidenced an entry wound.

        Some metals located in strategic places they would not try to extract.

        Like many Viet-Nam vets, we tried to avoid the V.A.until our insurance carriers started declining treatment.

        Someday you and semi may wish to observe the scars and even run your fingers over the locations.

        As for the current wheelchair, Agent Orange finally caught-up with my legs. It resided in my glands for many years, then started coming out in my late 60’s.

        Thanks for asking.

      • Greg

        The civic pride pins say I Love Burbank and have a heart. These pins say i with a heart picture. They are different pins. I heard Frutoes ended the civic pride committee. Maybe he did that to ckear the way for these developers to own their heat and Burbank. Weird he gets rid of civic pride and replaces them with a developer. He is a sell out.

        • DixieFlyer


          • Greg

            Yes they do I have one from the police day thing where they gave me one

            • semichorus

              For about the last two year’s it has become the developer’s promotional slogan. Which means people in and from the city can no longer use it. They’re promoting the project.

              They should have been smart enough to realize this.

              I don’t recall this tired slogan ever being used for Burbank anyway. Maybe 25 years ago.

  11. chad

    As a Veteran wounded in action, you receive a monthly check, correct? That is a benefit established by Democrats (real Democrats not the DINOs we have today) vigorously fought against by Republicans.

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