Wasn’t it “Mannerly in our conduct” ?



And “Orderly in our methods”? We don’t remember Miss Johnson forcing us to learn “meticulous” anything. It doesn’t ring right.

As cited in Burbankia…

The John Muir School Creed


As recalled for us by Eric Rosoff



As loyal John Muir students, we will always strive to be:


Joyous in our endeavors

Orderly in our conduct

Honorable in a dealings

Neat in our appearance


Meticulous in projects

Unselfish in our actions

Industrious in our work, and

Reliable in all things



And it was “shall always strive to be.” Not “will.”

Miss Johnson btw died just a few years ago. She was retired for almost as long as she taught.


She was only 47 when we first had her in 1967? Too funny. She always played herself off as about 25 years older.

The Burbank school system once attracted some great personalities into its ranks.



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One response to “Wasn’t it “Mannerly in our conduct” ?

  1. Anonymous

    Rosoff gets it wrong again.

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