More proof that Castaway used its phony shutdown to clean out its older employees

Which is what the employees suspected all along.

From the company’s recent press release, as cited last week in Fronnie’s blog.

“New hires will gain hands-on training from the best and most talented group of restaurateurs in the industry while establishing their own careers for professional growth. Instead of Certified Trainers, Castaway will have a team of Certified Storytellers working to elevate employees to the next level of customer service. Staff joining the team will have the opportunity to contribute more than just what their title indicates. The valet staff will be trained on the restaurant’s culinary creations, the concierges will have countless stories to share about the property, its history, design and inspiration, and the servers will take guest engagement to a level of personalization not commonly found in this business,” according to a news release sent out by Lauren Newhouse, media representative at JS2 PR.

Certified Storytellers?

Must be because engineering a phony heritage via management doubletalk is so much better than continuing an authentic one. What could make more sense, uh-huh.

So the council’s on board with this discriminatory nonsense? They’re not going to direct staff to lean on this outfit during lease negotiations? Maybe mention something about it again? Or, now?

Oh, that’s right. It’s only city property. And Burbank’s always been so good for business. Everyone wants to be here!



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2 responses to “More proof that Castaway used its phony shutdown to clean out its older employees

  1. Alan

    A team of story tellers ? What a waste of time that is.

  2. Anonymous

    Story telling is a great idea. How better to pass the time while you wait 90 minutes for a server to acknowledge your presence & take an initial drink order?

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