Sorry, but it’s inappropriate to be flaunting this


Stormy Golonski. Like that makes it better.



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18 responses to “Sorry, but it’s inappropriate to be flaunting this

  1. Anonymous

    Typical good ol Golonski is from Chicago and not word about ever being from Burbank ? So much for his life here, came with nothing and left with money to go to San Clemente. Just admit it people Golonski raped and pillaged Burbank and never gave any commitment to the poor whores who supported him.

    • semichorus

      I’ve been noting for years that Burbank is highly prone to a big and (to me) unsettling carpetbagger problem. People float in from elsewhere in their trailers or whatever, settle themselves here because it’s nicer than that crappy apartment they had in North Hollywood, and then they quickly find a way of co-opting the system.

      Two things here. I never see this happening in other places; and even though people float in and out of everywhere these days, the Burbank interlopers I’m talking about always try to play it off like they’ve got deep and committed roots in town, just like the natives. They always “love” Burbank.

      And then they leave.

      Does that happen in LA right across the border, this loud and phony sense of devotion and attachment? Never seen or heard it. I don’t think anyone would get away with it, or want to try. Burbank must come across as a particularly easy mark.

      • F.T.

        Semichorus you just described Rizotti to the T. She came in. She loved Burbank. She closed long time pet shops. Where is she and her love now ? She is on to the next mark. Could she be after the same city now as Golonski ?

  2. Marie

    Golonski should never have been on the Burbank council and anyone who voted for him should be forced to personally pay for all the damage he did to our city. His years were the years of decline for Burbank.

    • semichorus

      His personal stubbornness and vindictive nature were the big problems with him I think. He’d often have legit concerns, but then he’d turn around and waste his time with petty behaviors.

  3. Donald

    What about Barbara Sykes and her kids?
    After her untimely death, Golonski hooks-up with his date from the Junior Prom and heads for San Clemente
    Money from his father-in-law sure helped, didn’t it.
    What about Barbara’s kids????

  4. chad

    That FB page has a creepy Cusumano feel to it. Tacky indeed.

    • Anonymous

      Guleonski was always creepy. Too bad everyone didn’t see the warning label on the back of his head. The guy was garbage pretending to be a diamond. Epic fail is what he was.

  5. Donna

    Now that we know Golonski is FINALLY claiming Chicago…………..
    shouldn’t we blame him for the “ill-wind” today?

  6. George

    Mr Golonski was a hate filled and vindictive person. Most knew it but most were also afraid to say it. Every alley and dark corner was always filled with whispers of just how hateful the man really was. Semichorus you nailed him when you wrote “His personal stubbornness and vindictive nature were the big problems” so true are these words but you left out the other half which was Golonski never did anything that was not to his own personal benefit. The Golosnki years gave us Rogers yet another complete blight on this city.

    • Tom

      Mr Golonski has always been a bully. I never liked him or anything he did. Do you remember when he forbid people in Burbank from saying Hi to Mr Nolan ? Just an arrogant ass is what Golonski was.

      • semichorus

        He reproached a school board member or candidate I believe for being nice to Mike. It was downtown, I think.

        His personal pettiness and retaliatory nature were big character flaws in the guy. Eventually it cancelled out everything else, and he could often be very good on other issues, particularly social.

        His criticism of the council last year for their converting the airport measure from a citizens’ initiative to a referendum was particularly apt. And he helped write it back in 2000-2001!

  7. Jeff

    I remember this ! I think Mayor Golonski was using his mayor powers to threaten people if they talked to Nolan. Golonski was a mayor of personal hate.

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