Isn’t this called the 92?


Because we all know how much people in South Glendale and Glenoaks want to get to the Airport.

Glendale is one step closer to its vision of installing a regional streetcar that may connect to Burbank after the Glendale City Council agreed Tuesday to award a contract to a consultant to begin a feasibility study on the project.

The city wants to study the impacts of reestablishing a streetcar route connecting the Glendale Transportation Center in the south to the Hollywood Burbank Airport with routes along Brand and Glenoaks boulevards…

Councilman Ara Najarian, who also serves as vice-chair of Metrolink, asked that the study look at running the streetcar using off-wire technology, which eliminates the need for overhead wires and expands the possibilities of where it can operate.

The estimated cost for the streetcar project is between $97 million and $243 million for about 9.5 miles, or about $10 million to $25 million per mile. The high-end estimate takes into account the possible three miles through Burbank that would lead to the Hollywood Burbank Airport.

What planet do these Big Idea bureaucrats live on? Nothing’s ever simple and elegant with them, is it?


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  1. Anonymous

    Have there been any studies to see how much demand there is?

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