Tell them to go to hell; drop out; and then enroll at the Adult School instead



That’s what we would have done when faced with this kind of rank idiocy from the supposed adults in charge. Where do these people come from?

Apparently the Burbank Unified School District’s CDC program has a strict dress code. No, it’s a uniform:


All students at Community Day School will adhere to the following guidelines. 

1. SCHOOL UNIFORM: All students must be in the proper school uniform: which is navy blue pants (dickies or dockers work pants, girls may not wear tight pants nor hip hugger pants, guys must have pants that fit around waist and may not shown under garments, (NO jeans, sweats or nylon pants) and a plain white polo shirt. Sweatshirts and jackets may be worn as long as no logos from other schools are worn. NO hoods, beanies or hats may be worn at anytime. No gloves maybe worn at anytime. No jewelry will be allowed with sharp or pointed edges on it, this is a safety issue. 
            1ST time = 30 minutes detention 
            2nd time = Morning detention from 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 a.m. 
            Further violations will constitute a suspension for defiance

***Note – If a student is out of uniform he/she will be given a uniform to borrow for the day for a charge of 1.00 per item for cleaning and wear and tear.


There you go, BUSD. Let’s make life even more difficult for the kids who have a documented history of attendance problems at school.

Love the “out of uniform” thing, too. What is this now, the military?

Incidently, we’d love to see this $1 a day fine idea hold up in either a court of law or with any of the state educational agencies.  Because that’s what it is.

People, the folks who are running your City of Burbank now are total morons. You like what’s going on in your town?

If so, you deserve it.









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