How old are these kids again?


The infantilization of young people continues. Why in the world are they holding baby toys?



Extra question. Why are Burbank High’s “Morning Announcements” now done on video? Is it because nobody wants to read any more?

We can’t find the old style written content anywhere. Just why is that?

As opposed to print read by a teacher, these cheesy video-logues elicit a smarmy and phony familiarization between the students that simply does not exist.  There’s also no sense of authority or guidance or anything beyond playing with the latest machines in front of them.

For those who are not aware of the current trends in this area, nowadays institutionalized education is all about The Group. Everything’s about working together en masse, and usually on what are called “projects” or “presentations.”  That individualized “life of the mind” thing that we once extolled and idealized is officially dead.





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