Blame it on grandma and grandpa


Of course they’d come to these conclusions. Look who’s leading them.

The John Burroughs High School chapter of Junior States of America gathered inside the council chamber at Burbank City Hall Wednesday afternoon to hold a mock council meeting. On their agenda was a discussion of the lack of affordable housing in their city.

Sophomore Jaden Gerard was the mayor for the meeting and senior Oliver Eccleston served as vice mayor. Junior Gabija Petrulis and seniors Kody Fields and Nickolas Markou played the remaining three council members.

The pseudo council members duked it out with sophomores Ari Kretz and Rawan Markarem, who were portraying two city staff members.


And they did it well. They sound just like Burbank staff.


Ari and Rawan had a few suggestions they thought could help address the housing issue in the city. They suggested more housing in the Downtown and Media districts as well as in the proposed Golden State Specific Plan area just east of Hollywood Burbank Airport.


Naturally. The developers will save us all. Let’s build!


The teens serving as mock council members voted unanimously to support this plan and added that parking in these areas should be studied as well.


Now here’s an awful idea.


Their staff members suggested the city should look into home sharing, in which seniors living in single-family homes would be given the incentive to sell their house and live with other seniors in another house or a retirement home. The idea was to free up these houses so they could be put back into the market, but the council members thought it was not feasible.

“There are senior living residences all across Burbank and other adjoining cities,” Gabija said. “I see the validity of [this proposal], but I don’t think that we should make it a priority.”


No, there’s nothing valid about trying to blame grandma and grampa for keeping that nice house away from the younger folks, and then thinking that maybe we can force them to shack up with their other elderly neighbors.

What kind of youthful mentalities traffic in such fascist ideas? Maybe we can force the older folks to retire early too and then hand their jobs over. That’s only fair.

Btw. Any talk about rent control as a measure to help keep housing costs down?

We remember the days when Boys State get-togethers we’re all about bedding Girls State, usually in Sacramento or wherever they had those conventions of theirs. The stories followed them all the way back to Burbank.

They should go back to that.


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  1. Anonymous

    The kids are victims of history and of old people. It is part of the mentality.

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