They’re constantly tormenting the kids about it. Why?


Look, what happened a hundred years ago was a terrible thing.

But please. Get…over…it.


The Downtown Central Library will host two simultaneous art exhibits that explore the concept of generational trauma associated with the Armenian Genocide.

The main exhibit, “Nonlinear Histories,” is co-curated by Ara and Anahid Oshagan as well as Isin Önol and features the works of seven artists who examine their generational ties to the Armenian Genocide by reimagining inherited artifacts…

Ara Oshagan said there’s been no “post-memory” exhibit on the Armenian genocide, adding that it’s one of the most important concepts that tries to address ways in which second- and third-generation survivors deal with trauma.

“We sought out artists who work in this mode, dealing with grandparents and how their trauma is transported across this chasm. There is an attempt to reach across and connect with things that happen before [the] disruption [of genocide],” he said…

“I hope the public will see what we are trying to see,” she said. “People need a space to reflect and see because lots of second and third generations were silenced by trauma, but our grand kids can now articulate a lot of things — it is necessary.”




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9 responses to “They’re constantly tormenting the kids about it. Why?

  1. Anonymous

    “Generational trauma?”

  2. Anonymous

    They get generational trauma and i get constipational trauma everytime the Rogers guy comes on my television screen.

  3. Doug

    It is this victim mentality that is our biggest problem and it is used as an excuse for not doing things today. It is criminal the way in todays world everyone is a victim and they teach children to use everything from the past as an excuse for lazy failure today. I agree – get over it already and live for today and achieve.

    • semichorus

      I tend to agree with you. I’m sick of all this extended anguish going on.

      The other day I was reading about the two failed glider invasions in Norway during WWII, the ones that were planned to destroy the heavy water factory there with teams of British and Norwegian engineers.

      Such horror. So get over yourselves today, people. Everyone’s just so spoiled.

    • Al in SoCal

      Equally sick of people just as constantly complaining about it. Leave them be and get over it yourself?

      That might make them do the same. Why must you involve yourself in what they choose to remember, celebrate, etc?

      • semichorus

        The pious and the pity prone aren’t going to shut up if me or anyone else refrains from pointing them out. And I never hear people take them on. Quite the opposite. They all sob and carry on together.

        • Al in SoCal

          ” And I never hear people take them on.” – observe the comments here, turn on, none other than Fox News, KFI 740 … etc etc. That is all they do – advertise that others are victims, whine themselves – rinse, repeat.

          • semichorus

            I’m talking about the obsession of some local Armenians.

            • Al in SoCal

              I’ll give you that, that there is an obsession with some … Though I bet for some it is actually a job. They are on local boards, panels – I’m pretty sure some are paid. It’s also political to use against Turkey.

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