Big News? Anything to this about Burbank’s ace “Protectorate”? (Updated)



Just got this in:


word on the street the pet store everyone loves to hate is going to be forced to close its doors soon. despite exorbitant fees to adopt. ms. rios also forced to sell her 2MM house it seems. perhaps she is finally being driven out of town?

home has been sold for nearly 2MM dollars. ms. rios pet store will be the next to fold. finally something we can all celebrate.


We usually don’t traffic in gossip around here unless it’s policy related, which this woman has long insisted is the case with her activities. She has actively inflicted her beliefs on the rest of us for years. Just ask that old Magnolia Park pet shop that’s no longer around.

So if anyone knows, what’s going on?

Sold yesterday:

Interesting article about how these pet shop bans on non-rescue animals are only causing customers to go underground:

It would figure that private breeders would end up meeting the demand. Now effective statewide, it’s a silly and counterproductive law.


We dug up a great interview here with Ira Lippman from Peggy Woods. It originally appeared in the old BurbankNBeyond site, now MyBurbank. He makes some great and very wise points.

So sad what they had to put up with. Those animal activists (like Shelley R.) were absolutely awful. It was disgraceful.

Burbank Takes on Puppy Mills – A Pet Store Owners Perspective




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28 responses to “Big News? Anything to this about Burbank’s ace “Protectorate”? (Updated)

  1. Anonymous

    Personally I hope the new owners purchase a lot of soap and use a fire hose to cleanse the place and wash the evil.out of that home. The Rizzotti woman and her menopausal hench crew will not be missed in Burbank.

    • semichorus

      Let’s substitute “tattooed hench crew” for that word (!)

      (Like what’s the deal now with women in their 40s wanting to cover themselves in tattoos? I see it all over.)

  2. Brian

    That article on the ban of puppy sales being a failure is no surprise and goes to show just how dense the protectorate people and others like them are. Gordon voted no for the same reasons the article says are now happening. They should have listened to Gordon because now the facts show Gordon was right.

  3. Alan

    I think inbred when I hear protectorates. Tattoos ? They have mental issues, everyone of them does

  4. Anonymous

    Last year Governor Brown signed AB 485 requiring rescue sales in pet stores right after he bought an animal from private breeder in Northern Cal.

  5. Anonymous

    I remember how awful that group was with Peggy Woods. Didn’t they try to tie Dr. Gordon’s son in as part of a conspiracy with Dr. Gordon because he worked there in high school? They finally drove it out of business. Good riddance to them all.

    • semichorus

      I forgot about that. Yes, then Dr. Gordon’s son came down in his Merchant Marine Academy uniform and gave a great statement to the council. It was very impressive.

      That was such a debacle. The protectorates out on Hollywood Way protesting and cheering, and then claiming they weren’t. They really harassed that nice old business. And most of them were shipped in from out of town, those zealots. So full of themselves, like they were the only people who cared about animals.

      • Anonymous

        You’re right semi the council chamber was full of people who lived far away from Burbank.

        • Donna

          Far Away? They were asking in the Parking lot how to find the Freeway.
          How many people from Burbank can’t find the 5 Freeway?

          • semichorus

            That was such a sham. Remember how when they were questioned about being from Burbank — I think by Dr. Gordon — almost all of them lied and said they were?

  6. Live from New York

    I’m a woman, and most of those women protesting about rescue animals were nutty. If this is true then thank god another sleazy business gone from Burbank.

    • DixieFlyer

      Snotty Rizzotti or now Rios came right out of Golonski’s hip pocket.
      Her reign of terror will soon conclude.
      Someone should check the weight of her purse on the way OUT.

  7. F,R.

    The Rizzotti woman was and is just a horrible individual. Here she is being her arrogant and ignorant self imposing her hate on Burbank. Don’t forget in this insane rambling the sadistic lady calls this blog sadistic.

    • semichorus

      Memories, yes. She obviously didn’t get the idea of my writing about all sorts of different things. Love her bullying, too. I don’t know how Chris could stand her for so long. She really DID hurt his election chances.

      Few people in Burbank have elicited such a negative reaction in others. I know dog lovers who don’t like her! Maybe she is moving away…?

  8. Mel Goldberg

    Ira Lippmann could have followed suit and obtained his dogs in a similar way to stay in business. He was the leader of that ridiculous redevelopment fiasco on Magnolia Blvd. He couldn’t quite figure out that spending the money to get restaurants and appropriate businesses in was more advantageous than blowing the funds on parties. He supervised several bullies on the panel without asking people to respect each other.

  9. Anonymous

    Don’t count the protectorates out. Mrs. Rios may be moving to greener pastures. Hint. Hint.

  10. Chuck

    Watching that video she is clearly the queen of hate and division.

  11. Anonymous

    The legal expert throwing her two cents in, stuff it lady and get a real life

  12. Anonymous

    Miss disrespect speaks again, she is a Nolan fan NOT

  13. Anonymous

    I’m sad. I just want dogs to get a home. It’s crazy to hear all this about her. I hope it’s not true

  14. chad

    Esther Espinoza’s’s comments after Shelly’s remarks are friggin’ priceless. Hey, who was the real estate agent on that sale?

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