Are people actually trying to get onto bicycles after sudsing up?

(Because the idea of a dozen or two people biking away from a beer bar at night is so incredibly dumb/ridiculous/stupid, we thought we’d pin this to the top here for a while. Do the cops ever check any of them for impairment?)


In traffic?

Worse, are they actually being encouraged to do so by this city program? Which, staff apparently wants to make permanent Tuesday night…


In 2016, City staff began identifying possible locations to install one bicycle corral as a pilot project to observe usage, operations, and identify any potential impacts to their operation. In identifying a potential location, staff looked at locations that could be best served by bicycle travel, were visible to the public, had minimal traffic impacts, and – most importantly – could be located adjacent to a business willing to “sponsor” the pilot and take responsibility for some of its maintenance.

Staff believes that Magnolia Boulevard represents an ideal location for a bicycle corral because this location embodies many of the neighborhood elements believed to benefit from improved bicycle parking infrastructure. Magnolia Park has become a vital, walkable neighborhood corridor connected to the nearby Chandler Bikeway, which is an existing piece of 8 to 80 infrastructure.


That means ages 8 to 80. Getting them all onto bikes in public roadways, apparently.


Staff reached out to the owner of Tony’s Darts Away at 1710 W. Magnolia Boulevard, who was interested in sponsoring the bicycle corral, observing its usage, and notifying City staff of any possible issues and impacts. Tony’s Darts Away was also supportive of using the public parking space immediately in front of its business for the bicycle corral. The business previously had one bicycle rack on the sidewalk with the capacity to park up to two bicycles, but consistently heard requests from customers asking for more bicycle parking.

On February 2, 2017, one on-street parking space located at 1710 W. Magnolia Boulevard, was replaced with one bicycle corral with the capacity to park up to fourteen bicycles at one time. Tony’s Darts Away agreed to maintain and sweep the bicycle corral for the duration of the one-year Pilot Project. The Public Works Department issued a Temporary Encroachment Permit that is valid for one year starting from January 20, 2017 through January 20, 2018. The bicycle corral was installed in one public parking space in the street in order to maintain the sidewalk width for pedestrians. Having the bicycle corral installed in the street also provides an additional element of safety as it buffers pedestrians on the sidewalk from vehicles in the street…


The thought of a transportation experiment like this being set up in front of a beer bar puzzled us.


Since the Bicycle Corral Pilot Project was implemented in February and through continued observations in the past six months, staff has not received public complaints regarding vehicle  parking being impacted due to the one on-street parking space being removed. Staff from Tony’s Darts Away also informed City staff that their experience with the corral has been positive and two different bicycle social groups have started to frequent the business on different weeknights in groups of more than fourteen people. Further, the presence of a permanent bicycle corral in lieu of a large parked car or truck increased visibility to the business and improved the dining experience of patrons seated outside.

Staff and the City Council have received general public comments on the overall concept and appearance of the bicycle corral, which has been included in Exhibit C. The majority comments were generally supportive of the bicycle corral, although there were some comments critical of the aesthetics of the particular corral used for the Pilot Project.


How do you ride a bike when you’re gassed? Imagine “social groups” doing so after a big night out with that Pliny the Elder whatever.

Does anyone think around here?

Besides us?

So, who’s the designated driver then? Does this crowd somehow think that driving drunk on a bike is legal? Or even just impaired?

Does the BPD? Do they even check?





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6 responses to “Are people actually trying to get onto bicycles after sudsing up?

  1. Anonymous

    I believe a former mayor’s daughter was big fan of Tony’s.

  2. Irwin Fletcher

    There are many bike racks up and down Magnolia, right near the curbs. They could easily install dozens more to meet “demand”, without blocking street parking. This corral thing is just mind boggling.

  3. Anonymous

    Put the corrals all over Magnolia Park. The bicycles mow down pedestrians on the sidewalks already. We may as well make them primary to pedestrians and people looking for parking spots. Today my dad and I saw a bicycle hit a dog siting on the sidewalk waiting for his guardian. The bicycle couldn’t maneuver fast enough around tables and chairs when pedestrians approached on a narrow walkway.
    Tony’s Darts is in a section of Magnolia Park that is a bit slower than down by Hollywood Way. If they put corrals down by all of the gross traffic congestion close to Hollywood Way, I would suggest they be made of rubber and the city increase their insurance coverage.

    • semichorus

      Yeah, there’s nothing more dangerous than these arrogant bike riders.

      I’m curious what happens when the city sponsored “Darts Away” bike corral leads to a big drunken bike rider accident.

      Those bike people will be the FIRST to sue the city for liability. Just watch.

      I believe Gordon brought up this concern at the time. Ignored, of course.

  4. Gary

    Just had a thought. With all the boarded up windows from recent burglaries, maybe the burglars could put their bikes in a roomy corral. Armed robbers are frequenting Magnolia also. I heard about it at Wahlgreen’s and they said they’re not the only ones.

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