Hey Honey! Hear about that new airport out West? Let’s go there!



Big news.


The second phase of Hollywood Burbank Airport’s rebranding campaign has only been in effect for two months, but officials say the new identity of the airfield is starting to make some waves.

Though officials from branding firm Anyone Collective said it is too early to definitively tell if the rebranding effort is contributing to the continual increase in passengers at Hollywood Burbank this year, the South Pasadena-based company said preliminary numbers have shown that the new name and logo have brought awareness about the airport to potential travelers east of the Colorado Rockies — which has been the airport’s goal in the endeavor.

Michael Fiore, a co-founder of Anyone Collective, said during a meeting of the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority on Monday that he and his staff have been busy trying to get the word out about the airport’s new name.


Because that’s how people make their decisions in life. Of course. Like they have no other way of knowing where to go, or reason why.

This wacky ad campaign will help the Burbank Airport (or whatever it’s being called these days) about as much as chanting “Mixed Use!” and “Transportation Hub!” will that absurd Mayor Rogers and his gang in their quest to re-engineer the eastern San Fernando Valley in a faux image of the Upper West Side.

It’s not how things work, and travelers already know about this 80-year-old destination. Many just prefer going elsewhere.








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One response to “Hey Honey! Hear about that new airport out West? Let’s go there!

  1. Anonymous

    The sticky, pungent desperation here is all too palpable. Has anyone even commissioned an architect to design the “replacement terminal?”

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