Here’s your future, Burbank


Hilarious. Look how popular the place is.



Among equally mediocre one-bedrooms, Burbank ranks below Sawtelle.

Told you so. Who with big money would pay big money to rent in Burbank? Nobody sensible or single. Rogers is delusional to think that his adopted town will magically turn into a Park Slope or Williamsburg if given enough “mixed use” makeup.

(And shhhh! Don’t tell anybody, but all of these great other walkable places like Mid-Wilshire and Brooklyn and Los Feliz also have rent control on their more desirable older and classic buildings.)






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4 responses to “Here’s your future, Burbank

  1. Anonymous

    And none of those other places except Glendale are putting in development.

    • semichorus

      Interesting point. They’re certainly not hotbeds of interest for super-growth. Brooklyn’s gentrifying, but Big Growth is not where it’s at there. Quite the opposite.

      Which of course is one big reason why they’re all NICE. People with money and taste want vintage buildings– not some new artificial mega-complex built badly. That’s why these old areas are reviving.

      This current booster crowd is a joke. Burbank will NEVER be an upscale urban paradise full of dynamic movers and shakers. Which is not necessarily a bad thing.

      Burbank also has another big problem going for it — it’s in an undesirable LOCATION.

      Rogers is delusional — but capable of doing much damage in these neighborhoods.

  2. Anonymous

    Found this under redevelopment. Seems the namesake was the original developer that sold us out.

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