It’s elemental


Everything, in a nutshell,



What else is it all about?

This piece of genius was shot in Burbank, btw. Why is it that everything gelled back then?






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2 responses to “It’s elemental

  1. Anonymous

    The audience was dressed up too! Live to tape no editing one camera shot live band! Talent it’s what we’re missing nowadays.

    • semichorus

      Yeah, Martin wouldn’t do retakes, would he.

      We have talent now, it’s just that most of it’s not too smart, or even well educated in its own fields. Also way too young.

      There’s no critical spirit, no internal naysaying clock that tells them they’re schmucks not to do things right.

      We all grew up treated as schmucks, at least everyone I know. Our parents had it worse. Lots of critical self doubt, but it was the kind that spurs you on. But who under 60 even knows what a schmuck is?

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