Staff wants the council to defy President Trump!


About the Paris Accord…



Paris over Pittsburgh! Or something like that.

Of course they’re right in doing so; even though they also five minutes earlier want the council to approve some remodeling monstrosity up on Joaquin Drive that the neighbors are rightfully upset about. Broken views are the least of it.



Small is Beautiful doesn’t begin at home, obviously. In most places it never does. It’s great for the other guy though.

Unless everyone’s pulling together, it’s not going to work.






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14 responses to “Staff wants the council to defy President Trump!

  1. Betty

    Of course the city not right wanting to sign on to the Paris Accords due to the fact the city is nota country . That item is a complete waste of time they should be looking into local issues like repairing streets and rent control for affordable housing. The PARIS ACCORDS have nothing to do with Burbank and only serve as a distraction from real issues that cause real people in Burbank to suffer like the unaffordable rents. After they feel proud that they discussed the paris accords they will drive home alone in their SUV’s

    • semichorus

      They want to support the Paris Accord … and then they want to build, build, BUILD!

      Excessive Consumption + a “Sustainable” World = chaos. It can’t be done.

      Keep things small and simple, I say.

  2. Anonymous

    No, don’t give credit to Rogers for wanting this to be on the agenda. Never fucking mind. Rogers wants to be known as the mayor who did the right thing, and here he did.

  3. Judy

    This is not the right thing at all and in time even those of you who think it is just great will see that as you see California and yes Burbank fall into decline. This is just crazed nonsense that distracts from the real issues facing Burbank.

  4. John

    I tuned in last night to the council and it was like a really bad sitcom. Who were those comical people concerned that temperatures have risen 1.6 degrees in the last 160 years ? I have never seen them before. Then ty pt saying a scripted ” Burbank is progressive” line and I was laughing because just a few weeks ago I saw progressive Burbank approve that apartment complex right next to the freeway and say people can stay inside and keep their doors and windows closed to be safe. They also designed a park next to it and close to the freeway so the residents could go out and breathe in the air pollution. That is their definition of progressive ? What a joke and like I said they are like a bad comedy hour that show ignorance and are not even funny.

    • semichorus

      Oh, but they’re helping to pay for a soundwall!

      I agree, it’s more than inconsistent. It does prove though that Burbank is NOT progressive. It’s business friendly. And still proud of it.

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