And to think that it ends in Burbank

At what the wags used to call Mousewitz — back when the employees there still had a sense of balance.
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You know of course that there’s nothing touching about this


Once upon a time, there was a young woman named Kelsey Atwood-Knudson who dreamed of falling in love, fairy-tale style…

Actually, when you read the whole story you’ll quickly realize that that wasn’t her name in whole, but so what. It’s just journalism.

But anyway:

She posted profiles on Tinder and, unsuccessful in her search for her Prince Charming until she stumbled on a dating site for Disney fans, MouseMingle, and created a profile.

She rated her Disney nerd level, answered a variety of questions (“Where would you first spend time in the park?” and “What type of annual pass do you have?”) and listed favorite songs and movies.

Six months later, on July 12, 2016, she matched with 100% compatibility to Kevin Guy, a 26-year-old Navy petty officer 2nd class stationed off the Washington state coast.


Why is that funny? Or scary.


Atwood-Knudson, a 27-year-old Washington native who manages her father’s dental practices in multiple locations, and Guy, who grew up 4 miles from Disneyland in Garden Grove, corresponded on the site for about two hours.

They traded phone numbers and talked daily before scheduling a date at Ciao Bella, an Italian restaurant that reminded them of the memorable spaghetti scene in “Lady and the Tramp.”

The two headed to a beach — sans a magic carpet ride — and watched bunnies nibble on grass while talking all things Disney. That night, Guy asked permission to hold her hand and give her a kiss.


Youth is still obviously wasted on the young.


Fast forward to April 17, 2017. The couple exchanged vows at their version of a Disney wedding in Bellingham, Wash.


Wasn’t that where Kenneth Bianchi lived before he came back to Glendale?


They owe it all to their fairy godfather, Dave Tavres. The Anaheim resident, a self-proclaimed Disney nerd and former Disneyland Railroad engineer, launched MouseMingle in late 2015 after he had trouble finding women who shared his enthusiasm for the Happiest Place on Earth.


You still will.




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One response to “And to think that it ends in Burbank

  1. Anonymous

    Absolutely nauseating. There is a special place in Hell for adult Disney fans.
    ps loved the Kenny reference

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