Wedge Issue


The California GOP under Pete Wilson tried to pull this bigoted and divisive crap 20 years ago. Look where they are now.


Pitting immigrants “on welfare” against “everyday Americans” is standard operating procedure for Republicans. So is the claim that they’re taking away your jobs. There’s also no such thing in this country as “unfettered immigration.”

Btw, neither recent legal or illegal immigrants can get welfare in the United States. So right there that’s a lie. And some of the most famous and “productive” Americans of the 19th and 20th centuries were the result of this supposedly deleterious “chain migration’ they’re all railing against now.

Irving Berlin anyone? What unAmerican shitheads these Republicans are.

Miller’s sudden rewriting right now of the symbolic meaning of the Statue of Liberty was hilarious. These people aren’t just bigots and racists. They’re also total and complete morons.




Guarantee you they were chain migration. By the early 20th century they already had some relatives here who helped them.



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12 responses to “Wedge Issue

  1. Eric

    So Semichorus I suppose you are telling us that President Clinton was a Republican now ? Listen to Presdident Clinto talk about welfare to illegal immigrants and in the workplace.

  2. Eric

    How about this one Semichorus, a judge that’s right a judge has been arrested because she is a judge and she is not a US Citizen. She has a green card but is not a citizen so just how much should we trust that government is lookin out for our safety ? She has been a judge for over two years. it is not fajke either here is the tv news story

    • Anonymous

      Show me where in the law that it says that only citizens can be judges?
      For that matter, the Speaker of the House could be a green card holder. Find me contradictory evidence in the constitution.

      • semichorus

        That’s a rule in the locality. Their own rule.

      • Jeff

        You must be an elector in the district you are running to represent and to be an elector you must be a voter and to be a voter in the entire United States you must be a citizen. Sorry green card holders can not vote and can not hold elected office. So wrong again anonymous boo boo

  3. chad

    Eric, if this is true, would you say that the entire system is broken based on this one case?

    BTW, if you feel this strongly, don’t go to a restaurant or stay in a hotel.

    • semichorus

      Impossible. You have to have documentation to even begin to sign up.

      The children are CITIZENS. It’s also an old story, and Antonovich is a longtime right-wing intolerant.

      Most Mexicans too go back to Mexico for health care because it’s better. And free.

      • Raul

        nobody goes back to Mexico because health care is better. But in Mexico people self treat with the help of the local pharmacy where almost everything but real drugs can be purchased over the counter.

  4. Burbank Anonymous

    from Black Law Dictionary for Semichorus. The law dictionary explains exactly how they do it and one way is forged documents. It is not impossible.

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