This is why you need cameras on cops



It gets worse:

Yeah, *M*A*G*A!, you right-wing fuckheads.



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7 responses to “This is why you need cameras on cops

  1. chad

    Bullies who get enabled by simpletons like Sessions and Trump. It is extraordinary how people with a little bit of power will quickly take advantage of it and cruelly act out like this. We live in a time now when our “leaders” encourage reckless behavior and these are the consequences. It’s not like this stuff didn’t happen prior to the numbnuts in that “dump,” I mean the White House. It certainly did but now the middle-men of law enforcement feel a little less constricted.

  2. Nancy

    First off check out what year this happened, President Obama was the president when this happened a few years ago. The only reason it is public now is because the government settled the case and the video has been unsealed. It happened under the Obama administration.

  3. Nancy

    Chad when one ASSumes oe makes an ass out of ones’s self. Obama was president when this occurred so your talk about bullies and Sessions and Trump could not be more off base.

  4. Reese Place

    Here is the story from the Washington Post. This incident took place in November of 2013. Who was President and who was attorney General ? This is fake news, happens years ago and released now so that you will fall for the see this is Trump. No it is not Trump and it is not Sessions they were not even in office when this happened. See how easy you fall for fake news ?

  5. chad

    Yup I stand corrected on not catching the date. However, I stand by my general statements. Specifically, the idea that middle men law enforcement types when given the opportunity will become torturers and bullies. Sessions and Trump will make it worse. BTW, you all know that a lot of people were deported under the Obama Administration. The O Admin was no friend to the immigrant rights community. You do know that, right?

  6. Citizen Cane

    So what happened when Obama was president, is now President Trump’s fault. Just like Russian collusion!

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