Forget about academics and individual accomplishment



Must be awfully lonesome now for Burbank High School kids who like to work and think alone and actually do things without benefit of group conformity.

We just noticed that almost all of the last 15 entries on the BHS Twitter page involve some kind of celebration of sports or teambuilding-joiner effort. This isn’t on the school’s dedicated athletics page, either. It’s on the official BHS Twitter site.

The remaining Tweets involve celebrations of other various sorts of group accomplishments. In fact, we can’t find anything that recognizes an individual effort of any kind, let alone any academic pursuit.

Burbank, you’ve got the town you deserve.



What’s the deal too about all of this constant “Bulldog!” emphasis?

When we were at BHS, no one ever referred to us as “Bulldogs.” That was not part of any attempt at creating a group identity there, by anyone, aside perhaps from the sports teams during season. We would have laughed out loud if anyone had tried such a thing. Even sports were played down.

These school administrators now are just such assholes. They’re also helping to make these kids stupid and credulous about the institutional world around them. Perhaps that’s the idea?

Or does it just come natural with these hires the last few decades?





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