When is Burbank going to ban the barbaric practice of penning horses inside residential backyards?

Home on the Range, yes…



Wouldn’t it be fun to see the city council do something imaginatively great these days?

Here’s a start. They can think about banning the keeping of horses in their hallowed “Rancho” neighborhood unless these same homeowners and horse fans can provide a substantial amount of corral and exercise space for their animals.

No? LA County has such rules. We knew people in Malibu Canyon who were more than happy to oblige by them with their old Chuck Connors-inspired lifestyles. They knew how to do it right. But Burbank allows this barbarism towards animals to continue.

Isn’t it funny too how the local Pet Parents never have anything to say about their horse neighbors in kind? Some of them are even one and the same. You’d think they’d be concerned about such things as general animal protectorate-ism. But apparently not.

These are the only rules that Burbank has btw about non-commercial horsekeeping. All they require is a stable. No corrals or exercise enclosures:



1. It is unlawful to keep a horse in an R-1-H Zone without a permit issued by the Animal Shelter Superintendent. A permit may not be issued unless first approved by the Community Development Director upon a finding that the property is in conformance with the requirements of this Section. The Director must notify the Animal Shelter Superintendent in writing of the decision to approve or deny a permit application.

2. Each lot on which one (1) or more horses is kept must have a stable to shelter the horse(s).

3. The number of horses kept in an R-1-H Zone in a non-commercial stable may not exceed one (1) for each 3,000 square feet of lot area.

4. The number of horses kept in an R-1-H Zone in a commercial stable may not exceed one (1) horse for each 500 square feet of lot area.


What year is this? They really shouldn’t be allowing horsekeeping at all.






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20 responses to “When is Burbank going to ban the barbaric practice of penning horses inside residential backyards?

  1. Roy Simison

    The horses were here long before a horses ass like you came along , improve Burbank and go back to wherever you came from

  2. Anonymous

    Inexcusable abuse, totally inappropriate urban setting, Was down there last night, saw some grotesque overstuffed old lady being pulled down Riverside Drive in a ridiculous buggy by a miniature pony–they think it’s cute but it’s flagrantly abusive.

    It’s like “Conquest of the Planet of the Apes” down there.

    Bunch of needy, privileged, self-absorbed, entitled assholes who don’t a give a damn about the conditions they force upon their recreational beasts of burden. Sickening. Those animals should all be stabled at LAEC not in some stinking tiny backyard gulag.

    Generations of abuse don’t make it right, Simison.

    Rancho = White Trash.

    • semichorus

      That “Rancho” lifestyle is a real anachronism and it’s got to go. Anyone can see that.

    • Roy Simison

      All of those tiny back yards are a couple blocks walking distance to about 70 miles of horse trail , the trail around the center , Martinez Arena , Bette Davis park and Pollywog field all places to work your horse. All of these owners take their horses out much the same as anyone walks their dog every night. If their is animal abuse it is you trying to get rid of the Rancho our horses and lifestyle , you should try fighting for the fact that if these people who do not know one end of a horse from the other get rid of us and our horses “YOU ARE NEXT” No dog , no cat , no bird , no fish because you are locking them in your house all day in a cage or in a room where they cannot tear up the furniture we treat our horses much better than you do your pets. Why are all you people so full of hate?

      • semichorus

        Those people can play out their Roy Rogers or Chuck Connors fantasies somewhere else.

        To compare large animals to small ones is absurd. No, it’s stupid.

  3. Anon

    Summer reruns! I love it when you go back to the trough for old gripes and complaints. (See what I did there!). Next will be something about BUSD and how some teachers from 40 yrs ago had it right, and the time you claim your car was stolen by BPD. Keep yelling at clouds.

    • semichorus

      They were and it was.

      I’ll keep mentioning the horses until things change. You I’m sure will remain an asshole.

      • Anon

        Count on it. Your defending animal welfare isn’t driven by compassion for them. It’s because they are owned and kept by people you despise for no reason other than that they are more successful and better adjusted than you. It’s envy. Sad!

  4. Irwin Fletcher

    Why is the area above Alameda included in this zone? Why do these people ride or walk their horses on asphalt roads with traffic? I just don’t understand. People with big dogs and small yards are inflicting cruelty. We scoff at the zoo exhibits where the enclosures are old and small. Why are horses different?

    • semichorus

      I’ve been saying this for years. Someday it’ll change for the better, just like elephants at the circus.

      The Rancho district extends well past Alameda to the McKinley neighborhood. This was why they banned Whole Foods a few years ago, and before that, Trader Joe’s.

      • Anonymous

        Ban the horses and ban the bikes both do not belong on roads with traffic.

      • Irwin Fletcher

        They walk their horses along Oak and up and down the cross streets that are blocks away from the McKinley area. So strange.

        • J.T.M.

          Rancho people are just plain strange with weird fetishes. Most of them look like the walking dead anyway. The Rancho is the spot for lots of low cost housing with rent control.

        • semichorus

          Years ago those areas were empty back when the zoning was first set up. But now it’s just plain anachronistic to have all those large animals running around.

          The Rancho is/was also zoned for small industrial and various now-whacko-type uses. They used to have film labs down there on both sides of Alameda, all the way to the LA River.

          Nitrate film storage sites too — it was a catchall. One small company even manufactured film cans and various commercial ephemera for the industry.

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