Unless it involves going after horses owned by our local friends and cronies


Again. Let us pray…



The specific purpose of this corporation shall be to facilitate the direct protection of animals in every possible way; provide sponsorship for, and financial support to programs and organizations involving animal welfare; provide outreach and education to promote an increased awareness of animal cruelty; encourage every citizen to become active, involved and responsible animal guardians; promote the legal re-classification of animals to a category other than property; and, to carry on other charitable activities associated with these goals as allowed by law.

Our mission statement is summarized with 4-prongs and is why the use the acronym TAPS.



That currently our laws classify animals as property
Animal cruelty awareness
Humane choices and alternatives
Responsibility for spaying and neutering

ADVOCATE (The Animal Law Guild is the advocacy arm of The Animal Protectorates)

Legal reclassification of animals as other than property
Legislation reform
Unity among animal welfare organizations


In every possible way


Support other organizations aligned with TAPS mission through donations and volunteer resources.






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3 responses to “Unless it involves going after horses owned by our local friends and cronies

  1. Ellen C.

    They teach hate and division.

  2. Joe

    Burbank is doomed and full of total ignorant snow flakes today and all the smart people are planning their exit before it’s too late to get out of here.

  3. Anonymous

    Ha ha. No one cares what you think. Try doing some good like this organization does.

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