Oh no! We missed the deadline



Now how are we going to learn to help run Burbank the correct way?


Local leaders helping on-the-make future leaders become the kind of future local leaders they know we all need:


Leadership Burbank’s nine-month leadership training program helps aspiring leaders like you enhance their personal and professional skills and gain a deeper understanding of community dynamics – while introducing them to the network of key individuals and organizations through Burbank who effect change on a daily basis. Our program helps you navigate the inner workings of City Hall, essential non-profits, the business and faith communities, and important civic organizations. Meanwhile, our hands-on curriculum, led by experienced educators in association with a major university, addresses issues of leadership, social justice, public safety, economic viability and the environment through real-world tutorials designed to set you on your path as a future leader in your community.


No renegades, please.

The idea of “social justice” in Burbank probably also doesn’t involve exploring impolite concepts like the institution of citywide rent control to help assure a more stable and affordable community. Or, increased civilian oversight of the police department.

With these sponsors?


So what happens when their interests conflict with those of your own?

Never happen, we know.  How could such things be?  The curriculum will see to it.




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