You’ll soon have the lowest minimum wage in the San Fernando Valley, and no renters’ protections to speak of. Congratulations, Burbank!


Tomorrow night’s council meeting is a big one. Lots on the agenda, including the selection of 33 board and commission slots.

Here’s a short list of what staff is trying to get them all to do:

— They want the council to enlarge the big decision-making boards and commissions from five to seven members, and then pack them (soon) with the two new applicants each.

— They want the council to set up a new ‘pre-approved’ set of qualification criteria for all future board and commission positions, one that clearly favors the local establishment and business interests.

— They want the council to relax citywide zoning requirements and possible lot-size limitations on residential properties in order to “encourage” developers to construct more “affordable housing.”

— They want the council to establish a minimum $24,000 income requirement for housing affordability considerations, bypassing anyone under this floor amount who might truly be needy.

— They want the council to call conventional single apartments of 400 and 500 square feet “micro units,” instead of mandating or encouraging the construction of true micro units (with their subsequent lower cost) as a solution to the current housing crisis.

— They want the council to “consider” stacking the Landlord-Tenant Commission with a 3-2 membership preference in favor of the local landlord interests, and with no apparent shame.

A big night.




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12 responses to “You’ll soon have the lowest minimum wage in the San Fernando Valley, and no renters’ protections to speak of. Congratulations, Burbank!

  1. Anonymous

    If you listened to Davis last night you heard the last nail being pounded into your dream of rent control. Not only that but pesky locals that can’t afford to live here will get nice little boxes to move into.

    • semichorus

      I guarantee people that if the council just put an advisory ONLY rent control proposal on the ballot it would win hands down.

      Burbank will never have “more” affordable housing. Not with this current crowd. What we’re hearing now is just a pretextual concern to justify lots more building in town.

      If anything, more expensive housing will only raise the so-called “prevailing rents” in Burbank. Everyone ELSE will go up as well.

  2. Anonymous

    and so what there is plenty of room for the help to live in Sun Valley

    • Anonymous

      Davis laughed last night about Glendale bragging they get to house all the displaced high paid Burbank workers.

      • semichorus

        I laugh at the idea that Burbank has enough “high-paid workers” to displace.

        The average good studio job pays 60-70Gs a year. Max. Administrative assistants at best. Anything more is a fly-by-night independent contractor, with one good year surrounded by two or three bad ones.

        Those are the ones who might live in Burbank. No one else would either want or need to.

        Burbank needs cheaper apartments. Not more expensive ones.

  3. Anonymous

    Davis explained last night if you give the developers leeway to build bigger more density less parking then you can extort them to build affordable units.

    • semichorus

      Like they did with Bethunin last month?

      They granted him exceptions to the rules in exchange for a handful of 400 and 500 sq ft singles misbranded as “micro units” at a rate of $1200-1500 a month.

      That’s not what ANYONE means by “affordability.”

      Worse, then they said they’d build him a sound wall along the freeway! At taxpayer expense.

      Burbank’s a stupid, dishonest, and notoriously (and historically) corrupt town. There will NEVER be truly affordable apartment units here thanks to these arrogantly insensitive city councils.

      Oh, maybe a landlord here and there will keep the rent down for a few of their tenants, but that’s it.

      The proof will be in the pudding. Just watch the want ads.

      • Anonymous

        The Mayor bragged about “giving” them a sound wall to prevent air pollution in the units.

        • semichorus

          Like that would help with the exhaust.

          And that’s … the city’s responsibility?

          • Rhoda

            I saw that they did agree to pay for half of a wall barrier to protect the people from pollution and help make Burbank a safer more sustainable city. and Yes making Burbank more sustainable is the city and tax payers obligation.

            • Anonymous

              Actually they decided 25/75 city split.
              Nowhere else does a community pay for sound walls except in Burbank.

              • semichorus

                Never happen. Albano would spend a million bucks trying to sabotage it. Like when Barlow sabotaged the original Measure A.

                They’d claim it was “illegally written,” signatures not valid, paperwork not correct, whatever works. They’d tie it up in court for years.

                Like the old Stavropoulos’ Measure C, which prevented the BUSD from selling off “excess” property to developers. They invalidated all the original signatures.

                Burbank’s a reward-your-own town. Always was, always will be. That’s why it will always be sub-par. Just look around.

                What the council should do is put an advisory only issue on the ballot about the need or desire for some form of rent control in Burbank. Just to see what interest there is, and where people stand.

                They won’t even do that.

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