Upgrade them with what? Sunken Roman tubs?


Here’s a great example of where the private sector can do the same thing better and cheaper. And we don’t normally say that here.

Sorry, but no landlord spends this much money to “upgrade” a Burbank apartment. From Tuesday night’s agenda:

Therefore, BHC is seeking $442,500 in HOME funds (the $336,000 to expire July 31, 2017, and an additional $106,500 available) to rehabilitate 10 units located at 153, 159 and 199 West Elmwood Avenue, in order to bring up the standard of the units to the level of new BHC properties, and more importantly, to extend the useful life of this vital housing resource. If the City does not commit the funds by the deadline, the City will lose the funds and they will get awarded to other HUD grantees the following year.

$44,000 a unit? What a crock.

At one time it might have made sense for the City of Burbank to take over those Elmwood apartments — although their use of clearly brutal and discriminatory eviction tactics to get rid of all of the lower-income Mexicans down there was and is still greatly appalling. We remember it well, and a lot of innocents got hurt in that blatant anti-Latino crusade.

Burbank also did the same thing a few years later when they unnecessarily cast out all of the lower-income Latino residents at that old complex on Grismer.

The BHC still considers this a proud moment for their agency. It wasn’t.

Because the Elmwood neighborhood’s nice now, and not at all like it once was, it’s time to divest. There’s no need for the City of Burbank to keep owning those buildings. Look what happens.





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3 responses to “Upgrade them with what? Sunken Roman tubs?

  1. Anonymous

    $55 a sq ft? That’s new construction money.

  2. Anonymous

    Then there’s no place for the ex-redevelopment people to hide.

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