Naturally, the proposed “Burbank Affordable Housing Action Plan” completely ignores any mention of rent control. But did we mention that it suggests big giveaways to future developers?



Although it does suggest (in a limited way) allowing actual boarding houses to become a reality again in Burbank. A very good idea btw — which of course is why it will never happen.

Tuesday night the council is going to be asked to adopt the city’s long-awaited “affordable” housing plan. If you weren’t expecting any consideration of rent control as an option to helping keep local rents down — or mandatory set-asides on new apartment construction — you won’t be disappointed. It means you remembered where you lived. And who’s running the place.

What the council is being asked to ratify is a set of big zoning and “stimulus” package giveaways to our cherished builders and developers. Ideas like this:

(click to enlarge)



And this:



And this wildcard review of everything:



The nice word for these zoning and planning concessions is “incentives.” And of course, it means that the recognized need for more affordable housing in town is also being used as clear pretext for more and bigger development. How convenient, eh?

And you know that none of it is going to be truly affordable in the end. The “Action Plan” provides no such guarantee of lower costs. The covered incomes and rents that staff cites as to their notion of affordability are also totally ridiculous. (That’s what happens when you don’t have to live on those incomes.)

This one citation though about allowing real boarding houses is interesting:



But staff wants to limit the idea to “seniors” only. Why?

No one else matters who’s poor?





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