Burbank: Proud low-wage haven of the San Fernando Valley


So we’ll ask this question again:

In light of the City Of Los Angeles’ carefully structured minimum wage hikes, is the Burbank City Council going to consider raising the minimum wage here?


Or, are all those proud Democrats up there going to completely avoid the issue?

This will be a fun one to see Rogers handle, because he’s already gone on record in writing as expressing the exact same concern we did just now in the headline above.

Think he’ll bail on it?








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5 responses to “Burbank: Proud low-wage haven of the San Fernando Valley

  1. Citizen Cane

    A 40 hour work week at minimum wage, should be worth more than the benefits the unemployed receive. Those who choose to find jobs, often find the loss of their benefits creates a new financial burden. The minimum wage should be an incentive to work rather than remaining unemployed.

  2. Citizen Cane

    No Semi: a Democrat would want a person to become dependent on entitlements with more free stuff.

  3. Al in SoCal

    I would agree to most fiscal conservative thoughts IF we agreed that as American Citizens we deserve a minimum no matter what.

    A minimum of:
    1. A place to stay
    2. Healthcare
    3. Annual stipends

    Yes – there will be abuse – just like there is now – it will max out at about 5 percent. That 5 percent is nothing compared to our economy. That 5 percent is also nothing compared to unpunished white collar crime.

    However the 30 to 40% that the above will help to work – all the single parents, the people who stay at home due to fear of losing section 8, etc etc – will far surpass the abuses. As the greatest nation on Earth it’s disturbing to hear of Americans going hungry, or homeless (not by their own choice).

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